When April hits, most skiers feel the painful nostalgia of the summer months without powder, chutes and corduroy. While I felt this pain before the season really even started, my teammates were feeling it this whole past month! But my team is full of energized and creative talent. For eight years now, a group of freestyle skiers have gone out in the months of April and May and found any patch of snow they possibly could. They bring their skis, their shovels, their shades, their sunscreen and even a little cookie dough snack. They hike to the best location and they build the biggest jump they can with whatever snow they can. In our little group of freestylers we call this springtime jumping event “Yeah Sweet.”

It comes as tradition from our head coach, Todd Ossian and other skiers of his generation. While I was doing rehab in Boulder, Colo., Todd happened to visit Denver for a couple days. While he was in town, we discussed the fact that this would be the first year without a “Yeah Sweet” backcountry event. So we got a couple old freestylers together and drove up a canyon to find the biggest patch of snow we could!

I obviously didn’t jump.  But being a full-time videographer and photographer has its perks, too! There were some wild jumps! The biggest obstacle was making sure that you didn’t ski over rocks!

It’s an amazing thing that even after months of skiing we are dedicated to finding any way possible to never let the season go! I think it’s a salute to passion. It’s a salute to our love. I think all athletes have this. As soon as the season comes to a close, we are immediately counting down the days until we can train on snow again! For me, the count down is now at six months until I can start skiing on snow again. And I can’t wait.

Давай. Я хочу прыжок! (pronounced: Dav-eye. Ya hochu prejok!)

Let’s go. I want to jump!

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