Running on the AlterG
Mountain base in Winter Park, Colo.


Sitting on the bench, or in my case, in the lodge, is definitely not the view any athlete wants to have. Last week, I went to Winter Park, Colo., with some friends and family. While drinking hot chocolate in the lodge and hanging out in the hot tub is wonderful, I’d much rather be with everyone else skiing. Major bummer. But there are upsides to everything.

Regardless of not quite being ready to ski, I have been making big strides in my rehabilitation process and am enjoying my time healing. I am now 10 weeks out of surgery. My scars are fading and you wouldn’t be able to tell I had surgery if you saw me walking down the street. I go to rehab two times a week and go to the gym on the other three weekdays. Nothing too exciting; just getting my leg muscles working again with strength and balance exercises!

My physical therapist is really excited about my progress, and I’m in line with what I did last year on my right knee. I started running last week in a machine called an AlterG. If you have never seen one of these contraptions, you’d think it was something from the future. And as soon as you used one, it would be your new best friend. An AlterG is basically a treadmill surrounded by a bubble that you step into and inflates to lift up your body. I started running in the AlterG at 70-percent of my bodyweight. I imagine if you were to try and run on the moon, it would feel like running in an AlterG! It makes running much more enjoyable for those (including myself) not as running-inclined!

This week, I’m going to visit my surgeon in Park City, Utah. He will look at my knee and tell me his opinion on how I’m progressing! Wish me luck!