Icing my knee at the U.S. Ski Team gym.

It’s hard to find the bright side to not competing in the sport you love and going through rehab for the second straight year.  My first silver lining was the lack of hand warmers and boot heaters that I was going to have in my life again this winter!  So far, my silver lining has been living up to its requirement.  It is almost enjoyable to do my knee rehab exercises out on the porch while listening to Taylor Swift (yes I am a 19-year-old girl and I love T. Swift)!  I am two weeks out of surgery, which means I’ve started walking around.  I also spend a whole ton of time bending, straightening and icing my knee.

The second silver lining (the more silver linings the better!) is that I am currently enrolled in four courses at Empire State College.  They have a distance-learning center that allows me to do school wherever I am.  I started college classes in 2010 when I was 16.  I usually don’t go full-time but I do the summer semester to make up the course work and stay on track.  It is pretty difficult to go to school while being a professional athlete but online school really caters to the lifestyle.  I train in the morning and afternoon and do school at night and during breaks.  I’m a senior this year and hope to graduate this coming fall with a finance degree!


One of the first things I did after scheduling my surgery over the Christmas holiday was sign up for two more classes.  I will be learning about ecology, financial accounting, portfolio management, securities analysis and speech writing!  That might not seem too exciting to most, but I’m kind of a nerd and I’m pumped!  Keeping my head busy is important, whether competing or not.  Stress management is fairly significant and my outlet happens to be learning.

Eta boodyet holedna!  That’s Russian for, ‘It will be cold!’

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