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Fast Cow Invitational

Ultra-fast performances on a blazing fast track -- it's the Fastcow


Lafayette Spinners

Registered wheelchair basketball team with the NWBA.


Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI) Sports Program

Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana is dedicated to providing competitive and non-competitive athletic opportunities to individuals with disabilities to enhance quality of life, promote physical fitness, introduce recreational and wheelchair sports and challenge participants to perform at a competitive level. Over the past decade quad rugby, wheelchair basketball, power soccer, water skiing, track and field, beep baseball, tennis, and wheelchair racing have all grown into staple programs of RHI Sports. In addition, families enjoy weekend activities like sled hockey, horseback riding, sailing, scuba diving, rock climbing, snow skiing, and water skiing.


Special Outdoor Leisure Opportunities (SOLO, Inc.)

The purpose of this organization is to provide outdoor winter educational and recreational opportunities for persons with disabilities from St. Joseph County, Indiana in an effort to increase and encourage independence and participation in family and community leisure opportunities, and educate the community regarding the capabilities of and opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Team River Runner - Northwest Indiana

Mission: To create an environment of healthy adventure for healing active duty and veteran service members through adaptive kayaking.


Turnstone Center for Children and Adults with Physical Disabilities

Turnstone’s mission is to provide therapeutic, educational, wellness and recreational programs to empower people with disabilities.

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Turnstone Endeavor Games

In partnership with UCO, the Turnstone Endeavor Games will be the first event to be a part of the newly formed Endeavor Games Series. These Games will provide athletes in the surrounding areas a competition that looks and feels like the original in Edmond, Oklahoma.