Athlete Services


USOPC Sports Medicine Inservices

Sports Medicine provides a weekly lecture series on topic relevant to the medical care of athletes and pertinent topics to sports medicine. Any USOPC or NGB staff members are welcome to attend these meetings either in person, via phone conference, or later review the video recording.


Upcoming lectures:

January 13, 2022 with Kelsa Ferguson, USADA
Topic: Anti-doping education for medical professionals
March 31, 2022
April 14, 2022 with Dan Cobian, DPT, PhD, University of Wisconsin


Previous lectures:

January 9, 2020 with Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, Physician, Sports Medicine Division; Director, Female Athlete Program, Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Topic: FISA Transgender Guidelines


January 16, 2020 with Julie Miller, Associate High Performance Director, USOPC

Topic: The Tokyo 2020 Athlete Village

January 23, 2020 with Dr. Travis Maak, Orthopedic Surgeon, University of Utah Health

Topic: The relationship between hip morphology, function and injury risk


January 30, 2020 with Dr. Robert Chapman, Associate Director, Sport Science & Medicine, USA Track & Field

Topic: Energetic and Fatigue in Sprinting


February 13, 2020 with Dr. Stephen Duntley, Neurologist, UC Health

Topic: Identifying Sleep Disorders


February 20, 2020 with Dan Webb, Senior Analytics Consultant, USOPC

Topic: The USOPC Competitive Analytics Program

February 27, 2020 with Dr. Kathryn Ackerman, Physician, Sports Medicine Division a Boston Children's Hospital; Director, Female Athlete Program

Topic: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S)


March 12, 2020 with Brandon Siakel, Strength & Conditioning coach, USOPC

Topic: Building a Training Plan


March 26, 2020 with Dr. Chad Prusmack, Neurosurgeon, Rocky Mountain Spine Clinic

Topic: Neurosurgical Emergencies in the Elite Athletic Population


April 16, 2020 with Dr. Scott Rodeo, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Med at HSS
Topic: Responsible Use of Orthobiologics in Sports Medicine


April 23, 2020 with Jen Watters, Health Care Service Provider, USOPC

Topic: Intro to Sports Acupuncture


April 30, 2020 with Scott Rodeo, Orthopedic Surgery, Sports Med at HSS

Topic: Responsible use of Orthobiologics in Sports Medicine


May 14, 2020 with Dr. Jon Finnoff, Chief Medical Officer, USOPC

Topic: Ultrasound Guided Surgeries


May 21, 2020 with Dr. Martino Franchi, Assistant Professor in Skeletal Muscle Physiology, University of Padua
Topic: Muscle Architecture


May 28, 2020 with Brandon Siakel, Strength and Conditioning Coach, USOPC

Topic: Building a Training Plan


June 11, 2020 with Dr. Morteza Khodaee, Professor, Family Medicine CU School of Medicine 

Topic: The Challenges of the Head Team Physician in Professional Sport


June 18, 2020 with Dan Webb, Lead Analytics Consultant, USOPC

Topic: The USOPC Competitive Analytics Program 


June 25, 2020 with Francis O'Connor, Department Chair and Professor, Uniformed Services University

Topic: Exertional Collapse


July 9, 2020 with Dr. Peter Haberl, USOPC Senior Sport Psychologist
Topic: Mindfulness and the Olympic Athlete

July 16, 2020 with Dr. Dustin Grooms, Associate Professor Ohio University
Topic: Neurorehabilitation after ACL injury

July 23, 2020 with Dr. Scott Rodeo, Orthopedic Surgeon, HSS
Topic: Responsible Use of Orthobiologics in Sports Medicine

July 30, 2020 
with Dr. Kharim Khan, Professor University of British Columbia
Topic: Mechanotransduction- Implications for the Sports Medicine Practitioner

August 27, 2020 
with Dr. Stacey Watt, University of Buffalo Anesthesiology 
Topic: Heat-related illness

September 10, 2020 with Dr. Cheri Blauwet, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital 
Topic: IPC – Paralympic Sports Medicine

September 17, 2020 with Dr. Lorelei Rowe, PhD, Allegheny Health Network
Topic: Assertive Resistance

September 24, 2020 with Chad Sunderland, VP of Strategy & Business Consulting, USOPC

October 8, 2020 with Dr. Amber Donaldson, Senior Director of Sports Medicine, USOPC
Topic: Vestibular Training


October 15, 2020 with Kelly Skinner, VP of Winter Sport, Sport Performance, USOPC
Topic: Winter Sport Updates

October 22, 2020 with Dr. Robin Thorpe, PhD, ALTIS
Topic: Recovery Methods and Periodization

October 29, 2020 with Kacie Wallace, Athlete Ombudsman, USOPC
Topic: The Role of the Athlete Ombudsman


November 12, 2020 with Drs. Nakamura, Mosley, and Nishikawa, DDS
Topic: USOPC Dental Partnerships

November 19, 2020 with Dr. Timothy Pelot, CSCS, USOPC
Topic: Prioritization and Periodization

December 10, 2020 with Dr. Carwyn Sharp, PhD, USOPC
Topic: Optimizing Use of Recovery Modalities

December 17, 2020 with Lindsay Golich, USOPC
Topic: Transitional Physiology

January 14, 2021 with Dr. Randy Wilber, USOPC
Topic: Overtraining and Under-Performance: Causes, Recognition and Strategies for Prevention

January 21, 2021 with Dr. Jessica Bartley, USOPC
Topic: Mental Health

January 28, 2021 with Dr. Carwyn Sharp, USOPC
Topic: Optimizing the use of recovery modalities

January 28, 2021 with Dr. Lauren Benson, USOPC
Topic: Training Load, Ways to Measure, and Associations with Overuse Injury

February 11, 2021 with Hanger Prosthetics
Topic: Prosthetics 101 – Prosthetic Components and Troubleshooting Common Problems

February 18, 2021 with Drs. Darla Cathcart, Sarah Walker, Sarah Olney, Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation 
Topic: Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in Athletic Population

March 4, 2021 with Dr. William Padula, Padula Institute of Vision Rehabilitation
Topic: The Consequences of Concussion on Visual Processing

March 11, 2021 with Dr. Scott Riewald, USOPC
Topic: USOPC Tech & Innovation Program

March 18, 2021 with Dr. Jess Bartley, USOPC
Topic: Mental Health

March 25, 2021 with Johnny Owens, Owens Recovery Science
Topic: Current update in Blood Flow Restriction Practices and Research

April 1, 2021 with Brett Singer, Memorial Hermann
Topic: Caffeine/Hydration in Elite Athletes

April 8, 2021 with Dr. Kyle Ebersole, UW Milwaukee
Topic: Heart Rate Variability & Athlete Monitoring

April 15, 2021 with Dr. Nicky Keay, University College London
Topic: Energy Availability: Concept, control, and consequences in relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S)
April 22, 2021 with Dr. Mark Paterno, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
Topic: Advanced Rehabilitation to Optimize Return-to-Sport Outcomes after ACLR
May 6, 2021 with Dr. Rich Willy, University of Montana
Topic: Patellofemoral Pain
May 20, 2021 with Rebecca Bliss, DPT & Jeff Bridges, DPT, University of Missouri
Topic: Fear-Avoidance Behaviors in Concussion Management


June 17, 2021 with Hanger Clinic
Topic: Prosthetic Management

September 30, 2021 with Heather Linden, DPT, UFC
Topic: Injury, rehabilitation and performance in the combat & grappling athlete

October 7, 2021 with Julie Dussliere, USOPC
Topic: Paralympic classification

October 14, 2021 with Kelcie Wittman, DPT, USOPC
Topic: Paralympics and sideline management for PTs

October 21, 2021 with Stu Willick, MD, University of Utah
Topic: Paralympic sports epidemiology

November 18, 2021 with William Adams, AT, PhD, USOPC
Topic: Heat illness


December 2, 2021 with Michael Amick, Yale Medical School
Topic: Impacts of interpersonal violence in sport