Athlete Services


Research Projects

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  • Pac-12 Concussion Coordinating Unit
  • Mountain Biking Injury Surveillance
  • CRIMP: Climbing-Related Injury Prevention and Monitoring Program
  • Pan American Games and Parapan American Games Injury Surveillance


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  • Pan American Games and Parapan American Games Health History Project
  • Serum Ferritin Distribution in Elite Athletes
  • Health Conditions Identified and Prevention Strategies Prescribed During Comprehensive Pre-Participation Exam Screenings of Olympic and Paralympic Athletes
  • Comparing Common Health History Collection Methods: the Written Health History Questionnaire vs. Clinical Interview
  • Youth Athlete Screening Program Expansion
  • Hip Screening of a Professional Ballet Company Using Ultrasound-Assisted Physical Examination Diagnosing the At-Risk Hip (Future Projects: Multi-Site Hip Screening Database)
  • Mental Health and Head Trauma: Brain Health in Male and Female Basketball Student-Athletes at the University of Utah
  • Cardiovascular Screening in the Pac-12 Conference: Establishing Best Practices
  • Exploring Factors Associated with Injury and Burnout Among Sub-Elite Alpine Skiers
  • Understanding Post-Traumatic Growth of Paratriathletes with Acquired Disability


Risk Factor Identification
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  • Physical and Emotional, Not Global Wellness: a Multilevel Factor Analysis of Athlete Self-Report Measures
  • Global Wellness Scores are Poor Descriptors of Athlete Health Status: a Rationale for Use of Multiple Component Models 
  • Sequentially Reduced Wellness as a Predictor of Health Status – Individualized Sports Models
  • The Reliability of HHD, MMT and Fixed Dynamometry for Shoulder Strength Assessment
  • Ski Boot Adjustments Impact Stance and Balance
  • MPOWR: Mobile Platform for Optimizing Warfighter/Athlete Rehabilitation
  • SLIP: Snow Sport Lower Extremity Injury Mitigation Program
  • Vail Hip Sport Test Scores are Associated with Measures of Strength, ROM and Outcomes (Future Projects: Validation of the Vail Hip Sport Test)
  • Head Trauma: The Subtypes of Concussion – Classification and Recovery Trajectories in Pac-12 Student Athletes
  • Injury and Prevention: Developing a Comprehensive, Quantitative Understanding of Hip Morphometrics and Biomechanics in Collegiate Athletes at Risk for Developing Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome
  • Well-come back! A qualitative Study of the Temporal Dynamics of Psychological Readiness to Return to Competitive Sport Following Injury in Elite Basketball Players
  • Student-Athlete Well-Being: Social Media Engagement and Mental Health in Pac-12 Student-Athletes
  • Early Sport Specialization and Time to First Injury
  • Exploring Reactive Postural Responses after Concussion
  • Injury Prevention: Improving Rehabilitation Following Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair with Real-Time Feedback during Low Intensity Cycling
  • Relationship of Running Gait Parameters and Injury Incidence in Collegiate Cross-Country Runners
  • Interlimb and Intralimb Compensatory Patterns After Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction