National Medical Network


The Unite States Olympic & Paralympic Committee’s National Medical Network provides medical care to elite U.S. athletes, including orthopedic medicine, primary care, dentistry, neurosurgery and more. Comprised of national and regional medical centers, the National Medical Network offers athletes access to top-tier medical providers who have a strong history of success in multidisciplinary care, sporting event coverage, prevention and performance services, and participation in research and education. Eligible athletes may qualify for a broad range of medical services at little to no cost to them. 

To verify eligibility or to seek medical care, contact or 1-800-933-4473, ext. 2.

Who is eligible to receive medical services through the National Medical Network?

Team USA athletes are eligible to access the National Medical Network if the athlete:

  • Is enrolled in the USOPC Elite Athlete Health Insurance program
  • Sustains an injury at a U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Center or while competing in a USOPC-sanctioned event.
  • Sustains and injury at a NGB sponsored/sanctioned event. 

Where are medical services located?
The current National Medical Network partners are located in several locations across the country:

  • Steadman Philippon Research Institute and The Steadman Clinic – Vail, Colorado
  • Texas Children's Hospital – Houston, Texas
  • University of Utah Health – Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Colorado Center of Orthopedic Excellence – Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Lake Placid Sports Medicine  –  Lake Placid, New York
  • Adirondack Health – Saranac Lake, New York
  • Allegheny Health Network – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Is travel assistance available?
Travel assistance may be available but is dependent on athlete eligibility, and the location of both the athlete and service provider. Travel assistance may include one or a combination of air travel, lodging and ground transportation to and from the facilities. Approval must be obtained prior to scheduling appointments. Not all categories of service have the same available travel resources.

Do I have to seek medical care through this network or can I go to any provider?
Athletes can seek care with any chosen medical provider based on their health insurance. However, to benefit from partner services and potentially reduce personal expenses, athletes are encouraged to seek care within the USOPC’s National Medical Network.

What are the benefits of this program?
Athletes may benefit from the collaborative and multidisciplinary approach to medical care that combines expert opinions from both USOPC sports medicine clinicians and nationally recognized experts through National Medical Network partners.

How are medical partnerships determined?
Participation in the National Medical Network is by invitation only and medical providers are selected based on their experience with elite sports medicine and high performance in the following areas: multidisciplinary care, sporting event coverage, screening procedures, prevention and performance cares, and participation in research and education.