The USOPC is thrilled to announce the creation of the Medical Assistance Fund. Funds will be used to pay for significant medical costs incurred by elite Olympic and Paralympic athletes, including necessary travel-related expenses, that are not met through available resources.  Eligibility criteria: To be eligible for the Medical Assistance Fund, athletes must: 

  1. Have accessed existing resources, including Elite Athlete Health Insurance, National Medical Network, and NGB sport accident policies or have had these resources deemed not applicable 
  2. The athlete must have EAHI or be EAHI eligible at time of the medical diagnosis or care 
  3. Incurred uncovered, out-of-pocket medical costs of at least $100 
USOPC Athlete Healthcare Navigators are available to help Team USA athletes to determine if other medical resources are available. To contact an athlete healthcare navigator, email or call 1-800-933-4473, Ext 2.

Eligible athletes can apply for the Medical Assistance Fund by filling out an application form online.

For more information on the Medical Assistance Fund, including criteria, please access the policy online.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Medical Assistance Fund was established in 2021 to cover medical costs for eligible athletes that are not met through traditional resources. Generously funded by Team USA donors, this resource is designed to support the medical needs and alleviate financial burdens of elite athletes training for the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
To be eligible for the Medical Assistance Fund, athletes must:  
  1. Have accessed existing resources, including EAHI, National Medical Network, and NGB sport accident policies or had these resources deemed not applicable 
  2. Be enrolled in EAHI or be EAHI eligible at time of the medical diagnosis or care
  3. Have incurred uncovered, out-of-pocket medical costs between $100-$25,000  
Funds will be used to pay for significant medical costs that are not met through available resources. Costs associated with elective procedures that are not medically necessary, non-emergency cosmetic procedures, routine dental care, recovery and performance services are not eligible for MAF support. 

Athlete medical expenses eligible to be covered by the USOPC Medical Assistance Fund include, but are not limited to:
  • Deductibles, copays and coinsurance for medical, dental and mental health care
  • Prescription medication costs
  • Medical-related travel
  • Medical equipment, including prosthetics and orthotics


An application for financial support must be submitted by the athlete eligible for the MAF. Such applications must be submitted to the USOPC sports medicine department online at: application form or by contacting, within six (6) months of incurring the expense.  

The USOPC Office of Athlete Healthcare will review each application submission to ensure that eligibility criteria are met, and a team member will contact the athlete directly to request further documentation or information, if required. Please allow up to five business days to process your application and receive notification of your application status.
Please be prepared to provide basic biographical and demographic information, as well as any medical bills, receipts or other appropriate documentation to show proof of cost. If you don’t have this information when submitting your application, you can submit it to to make arrangements.
The USOPC is here to help you navigate your medical needs. Eligible athletes may access the following offerings: 
  • Elite Athlete Health Insurance: Provides a level of base support through a program of health and major medical insurance for eligible athletes to help minimize out-of-pocket medical care expenses.
  • National Medical Network: Offers eligible athletes access to high-quality medical services across the U.S. at a reduced or no cost, including orthopedics, sports medicine, general medicine and more.  
  • NGB Sport Accident Insurance: Carried by each NGB to process and coordinate acute sport injury claims. 
  • Global Travel Insurance: Provides health insurance coverage for illness or injury while eligible athletes are traveling abroad for sport.
  • Sports medicine clinics: Provides athletes a variety of services, including clinical care, in-competition support, injury prevention and more.
Athletes can confirm the USOPC programs and resources they are available for by contacting their National Governing Body (NGB) and/or reaching out to a USOPC Athlete Healthcare Navigator. Criteria to determine eligibility for programs vary but are ultimately decided by your NGB and USOPC sport performance.
National Governing Bodies (NGBs) are awarded EAHI allocations by the USOPC. EAHI eligibility is based on criteria established by each NGB and approved by the USOPC. Questions regarding EAHI criteria and eligibility should be directed to your NGB.
In an effort to help educate and guide athletes through medical needs and services, the USOPC has hired new Athlete Healthcare Navigators dedicated to customer service and athlete outreach. For general questions about the Fund or athlete medical services, please contact our team at or 1-800-933-4473, Ext 2.

For More Information

If you have general questions about the fund, contact an Athlete Healthcare Navigator at

If you have questions about medical services and needs, please contact 1-800-933-4473, Ext 2.