Financial Resources


To maximize resources, the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee strategically allocates grants to give the greatest number of American athletes the opportunity to reach the podium using a results-driven resource-allocation process. In addition to grants and rewards, this includes athlete health insurance, sports medicine and science, coaching education programs, and Paralympic outreach and development. Resources are delivered either directly to the athlete or through their National Governing Body to maximize effectiveness, efficiency and economies of scale.

NGB Grants

Grants are awarded to National Governing Bodies and administered through Performance Partnership Agreements. The USOPC allocates millions in grants to NGBs and High-Performance Management Organizations every year in support of sport programming.

Athlete Grants

In recognizing the ongoing needs of America’s elite athletes, the USOPC offers a variety of resources that promote performance and personal development. National Governing Bodies designate their top athletes to be part of the USOPC’s Athlete Performance Pool, which qualifies them to receive direct funding in the form of grants, medical benefits, Operation Gold payments and tuition assistance. 

Operation Gold

Operation Gold Awards are designed to reward athletes for top-place finishes in a sport’s most competitive senior international competition of the year (i.e. the Olympic and Paralympic Games in even-numbered years and typically world championship/world cup events in non-Games years). 

Beginning in 2017, the USOPC increased Operation Gold payments for medal performances at the Olympic and Paralympic Games by 50 percent, increasing its overall quad budget by approximately $3.5 million. Additionally, Operation Gold payments for non-Games competitions increased by 25 percent. Combined, the enhanced funding to athletes resulted in a $4.8 million increase in the USOPC’s quad budget.  

Olympic & Paralympic Games Operation Gold payments: 
Olympic Games: $37,500 (gold), $22,500 (silver), $15,000 (bronze)
Paralympic Games: $37,500 (gold), $22,500 (silver), $15,000 (bronze)

Medical Benefits

Eligible athletes receive Elite Athlete Health Insurance and access to top-tier medical institutions via the USOPC’s National Medical Network, which are designed to provide access to medical care while minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.

William E. Simon Olympic Endowment for the Support of Athletes

The William E. Simon Olympic Endowment for the Support of Athletes was established in 1998 by Mr. William E. Simon, Sr., former U.S. Olympic Committee President and U.S. Secretary of the Treasury. For over two decades, these grants have supported high performing Team USA athletes, both Olympic and Paralympic, who demonstrate financial need to help offset travel and training expenses.

For more information on how to apply, visit the Simon Grant page.

Tuition Assistance

The Team USA Tuition Grants are competitive grants that are intended to encourage athletes to further their education in preparation for lifelong career goals by defraying a portion of athletes’ tuition costs. This can take the form of traditional 2-and 4-year undergraduate or graduate degrees, industry specific certificates, professional development courses, job readiness training courses, and other educational courses that will lead to the advancement of the athlete’s career aspirations. Applications are available here for current and retired Olympic, Paralympic, Pan American, Parapan American and Games alumni athletes. For more information on how to apply, visit the tuition grant page.