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The Athletes’ Advisory Council is responsible for broadening communication between the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee and active athletes, and serves as a source of input and advice to the USOPC board of directors. The AAC consists of at least one athlete from each National Governing Body (NGB) which the United States is represented at the Olympic and Pan American Games, eight athletes representing the Paralympic Sport Organizations or NGBs designated to govern a Paralympic sport, and six athletes elected by the AAC to serve at-large, including a chair and two vice chairs.


To communicate the interests and protect the rights of athletes, in cooperative support of the USOPC achieving its mission.

AAC Mission Statement

AAC Bylaws Proposed Amendments

Below is a copy of the AAC Bylaws that contains redlines of proposed amendments to be voted on during the May 15-16th spring meeting.  Per AAC bylaws, the members must be given at least 10 days notice of suggested amendments.  The amendments are mainly minor (grammar, format, etc.); however, the amendments do call for dissolving 3 standing committees (Roster & Records, AAC Communications and AAC Education and Oversight). The reason for dissolving the three committee is because AAC staff has taken over those responsibilities.  This fall, after the delayed AAC elections, a more robust review of the Bylaws will occur to see if more substantial changes need to be proposed.  Please provide any suggested amendments to this document to be considered at the Spring meeting to Meryl Fishler, AAC Coordinator at no later than May 13, 2021. 

AAC Bylaws Proposed Amendments

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