Athlete Conduct During the Games

As a condition of participation in the Games (Olympics, Paralympics, Pan American, Parapan American, and Youth Olympics), all athletes may be required to abide by certain terms and conditions governing their conduct and behavior during the period of the Games. As representatives of Team USA and ambassadors of their sport, athletes shall uphold the spirit of the Games with dignity, fair play and respect. In any instance where an athlete may be charged with a violation or when the opportunity to participate is denied for any reason, athletes have the right to a hearing before being declared ineligible. The Athlete Ombudsman is available to provide advice to the athletes about the rules and their rights, help assist them through the process, and connect them with legal counsel if desired. 

During the Games, all must sign and agree to abide by the USOPC Athlete Behavior and Pledge, contained within the USOPC Delegation Forms. NGBs may also have their own specialized Code of Conduct that athletes may be required to abide by. Further, athletes will be required to sign and abide by the IOC/IPC/PASO Eligibility of Conditions form. 

Required Code of Conduct documents

  • USOPC Athlete Behavior and Pledge
  • IOC Eligibility Conditions Form (example from PyeongChang)
  • IPC Eligibility Conditions Form (example from PyeongChang)
  • Respective NGB Code of Conduct

Other Required Provisions related to Conduct

  • Olympic Charter
  • IOC Code of Ethics
  • IPC Handbook- Paralympic Chapter 
  • IPC Code of Ethics