All athletes will need to agree to the platform terms and conditions and privacy policy. For those participating in group marketing through the full AMP pilot, you will also need to sign the AMP athlete agreement here. To understand the details of the AMP athlete agreement, please review the below contract summary. 

For those participating in just individual marketing opportunities, individual contracts will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

For independent, confidential advice athletes can reach out to




Date of signature through March 31, 2022


Guaranteed Compensation for Group Marketing Use:$1,250


Additional Opportunities

  • 50% of royalties received by USOPC for sale of merchandise with Athlete’s name or likeness
  • 100% of the negotiated rate Individual Marketing Use


Guaranteed Compensation paid in 2 installments

(1) on or before Jan. 31, 2022, and

(2) within 30 days of close of Athlete’s applicable Games


Royalties for sale of merchandise with Athlete’s name or likeness paid quarterly.


Individual Marketing Use payments made as negotiated with AMP Participating Brand

Athlete Eligibility

Operation Gold Top Finisher - Eligible athletes include those who earned:

  • Top-eight individual finishes or
  • Top-six team finishes

In the last World Championship or equivalent Operation Gold event as defined annually by the NGB

AMP Participating Brands

Team USA, USOPC Sponsors, LA28 Sponsors and other entities authorized by the USOPC (examples include National Governing Bodies and U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation)


Group Marketing Uses are non-exclusive, meaning Athlete may engage with all AMP Participating Brands. Athlete is free to enter into exclusive agreements with competing brands, but will need to withdraw from that category.


United States




Participation in any portion of the AMP Pilot Program is entirely voluntary.

Athletes who wish to participate can select to participate in:

  • Group Marketing Use Only
  • Limited Use on Consumer Products
  • Individual Marketing

Group Marketing Use Opportunities

Group Marketing UseDefinition = Collective use of three (3) or more athletes from three (3) different Olympic or Paralympic NGBs shown in equal prominence for the promotion of AMP Participating Brands and its relationship with Team USA.

  • Does not imply direct endorsement.
  • Does not require athlete time, with the exception of participation in a production day to capture content for AMP.

Approvals = Athletes will receive a notification when selected for a Group Marketing Use activation. If the use abides by Group Marketing Use requirements, then no further Athlete approvals required.Team USA will review all uses for compliance with Group Marketing Use requirements.

Max use = Athlete’s likeness may only be used a maximum of five (5) times during the Term by all AMP Participating Brands. For clarity, a “use” refers to an entire campaign which may include different touch points across multiple platforms for print and social media posts.

Athletes will have the opportunity to opt-out at any time.An Athlete who terminates their participation in the Group Marketing Use before the end of the Term will not receive the second Group Marketing payment.

Limited Use on Consumer Products

Definition = Opportunity for athlete likeness to be printed on official, unbranded Team USA apparel.

Approvals = Athletes will approve legal name and preferred name for use on apparel. Athletes will have the opportunity to opt-out of the Consumer Product but remain eligible for Group Marketing Use on a quarterly basis.

Individual Marketing Use

Definition = A direct endorsement opportunity that requires an athlete to commit time for the creation or distribution of materials.

Approvals = As determined in separate agreement directly with the AMP Participating Brand.



Athlete must remain in Good Standing

  • No pending Safe Sport, USOPC or NGB policy and procedure violations
  • No pending USADA or WADA violations

Compliance with NCAA Rules

If attending NCAA university and part of varsity team, athlete will comply with NCAA eligibility and compensation guidelines.

Athlete must disclose and update Category Conflicts

To be eligible for the full AMP program, including group marketing, the athlete must:

  • Disclose where category conflicts exist against existing personal endorsement agreements.
  • Complete a brand preference survey to indicate approval of Team USA sponsor brand and categories for Group Marketing.

During the duration of the program, if an athlete was invited to participate in Group Marketing, the athlete also agrees to:

  • Remain available for use in at least 50% of Team USA partner categories.
  • Disclose where category conflicts exists against any new personal endorsement agreements.
  • Notify any new personal sponsors whose categories willconflict with campaigns already in market (which will continue for the duration of the campaign).


During the registration process, Athletes may be provided access to a USOPC populated library of images of Athlete at Olympic or Paralympic Games, Olympic Trials, and NGB events (where applicable and permissible by the NGB). Athlete will select which of those images will be offered to AMP Participating Brands for Group Marketing Use (“AMP Gallery”).The AMP Gallery is the only source of content provided by the USOPC to AMP Participating Brands for Group Marketing Uses.

The AMP Gallery does not include any Athlete submitted content or content from individual production days.


Indicate legal name and preferred name for Limited Use on unbranded apparel sold on Team USA Shop.


Maintain AMP Marketing Platform

Team USA will house and maintain the technology forall Team USA Athletes who opt-in to program.

Respect Category Conflicts

Assuming the Athlete maintains their Brand preferences and category opt-out specifications, ensure that Group Marketing Use campaigns do not conflict with category or brand that athlete has previously disclosed as having a conflict.

Disclose New Sponsors and Category Changes

Team USA will inform athletes of any changes to a category and provide athletes an opportunity to accept or reject their participation.

Provide Notification of Group Marketing Use

The AMP platform will send notifications to athletes when they are selected for Group Marketing Use campaigns. Team USA will approve use and creative on behalf of participating athletes.