The commitment identifies practical steps we can all take to help stop child abuse. Whether you’re a national youth-serving organization, local club, staff, parent or other individual in the community, we can all move forward together by leading, supporting and implementing child abuse prevention programs.

The commitment is not intended to replace assessment tools, but to help us begin moving forward around child abuse prevention and commit to working toward a full and comprehensive approach to stopping abuse. 

Ready to make the commitment?
Great! Here’s what you do – and what we’ll do:

1. Find the commitment that best fits your role (national youth-serving organization, local organization, coach/staff/volunteer, parent or another member in your community) and select it from the options on the left.

2. Read through the commitment on the page you selected; when you’re ready to do so, click that “Make the Commitment” button.

3. Fill in the required fields and you’re done!

4. Once you sign up, we’ll deliver you tools and resources to help you make sport safer for kids. If you have questions or comments along the way, email us at – we’ll be monitoring that address and are eager to hear from you.

Congrats! You  just made the commitment to stop abuse in what?
Now you can download the PDF to print your commitment. Be sure to look at our free downloads to get access to posters, brochures, web banners, e-mail signatures and more. Help us spread the word to stop child abuse in sport.


Not ready to make the commitment?
No problem. During the next 12 months, we'll show you how you can and provide resources to help you do it. That way you can make the commitment to stop child abuse when you are ready.

What is the Commitment
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