Not sure if something's okay? Below are a few examples to help you understand what is and is not appropriate coach-athlete behavior.

Sometimes my coach or another adult sends me weird texts. He or she asks me whether I’m having sex or other things about sex. Is this normal?
No. There is no reason for an adult to ask you about your sex life, and depending on the content of the texts, this could be misconduct. If you receive these types of emails, text messages or other communications, show these messages to a parent or another adult you trust.

My coach or another adult at my sport club gives me gifts that I like a ton and takes me to games where it's just the two of us. He or she has told me not to tell anyone about the gifts – and has told me that if I tell anyone, he or she will stop giving me things. Is this normal?
Probably not. People who want to hurt athletes by abusing them sexually often use gifts, like sport equipment or tickets to a game, as a way to gain the athlete’s trust and find ways to spend time alone with an athlete. If this individual is telling you not to tell anyone about the gifts, you should tell your parent(s) or another adult you trust.

My coach or another adult makes me feel funny the way they touch me, but I don’t really understand why. Is this bad?
You should never feel funny about the way someone is touching you. If it doesn’t feel right, talk to your parent(s) or another adult you trust about what the adult is doing that makes you feel funny. They can help you understand if what’s going on is okay.

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