Congratulations to our winners. Welcome to Team USA!

  • Amanda Alvarez | Women's Skeleton
  • Keely Kortman | Women's Track Cycling
  • Kyle Plante | Women's Bobsled
  • Kelli Smith | Women's Rugby
  • Quentin Butler | Men's Skeleton
  • Collin Hudson | Men's Track Cycling
  • Devin Short | Men's Rugby
  • Josh Williamson | Men's Bobsled

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Team USA And 24 Hour Fitness Find "The Next Olympic Hopeful"

10 Talent Transfer Success Stories

Willie Davenport

An Olympic hurdles champ, he competed in four summer Games before making the Olympic team in bobsled.

Eddie Eagan

A boxer and bobsledder, he remains the only athlete ever to win gold medals at both summer and winter Games.

Nate Ebner

A Super Bowl champ, he returned to his roots and joined Team USA at rugby’s Olympic return in 2016.

Vonetta Flowers

The sprinter found greater success in bobsled, becoming the first black athlete to win gold at a Winter Games.

Alev Kelter

After missing the ice hockey team, she found rugby and made the Olympic team for women’s rugby’s debut.

Jimmy Shea

A lacrosse and ice hockey athlete first, the third-generation Olympian won skeleton gold at the Games.

Katie Uhlaender

The three-time skeleton Olympian transferred her talent to weightlifting and cycling, finding success in each.

Herschel Walker

Better known for his Heisman, the 1992 Olympian is one of countless athletes to transfer their talents to bobsled.

Lauryn Williams

Track star first, she became the first U.S. woman to medal in both summer and winter months after trying bobsled.

Chris Witty

Perhaps the most successful of speedskating/cycling athletes, she switched between them across five Games.