Inside The Life: 100 Days To Sochi Edition

By Tim Morehouse, 2008 Olympic Fencing Silver Medalist | Nov. 05, 2013, 11 a.m. (ET)

Tim Morehouse
is a 2008 Olympic
silver medalist

Ever wondered what the Olympic Winter Games would be like in New York City? The 100 Day Countdown event in Times Square sure gives you a realistic glimpse! Last week, over 50 Team USA Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls took over Times Square for a day of Olympic/Paralympic celebration with sport demonstrations, an Olympic-sized media frenzy with over 300 media covering the day, opportunities for children to meet the athletes and of course all the amazing energy from the public that comes from being in the heart of NYC!

For this edition of “Inside The Life” I'm taking you "inside" 100 days to Sochi in Times Square!