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Photos from the Opening Ceremony of the London Games

July 28, 2012, 12 a.m. (ET)

Quotes from London:

"Walking with all of Team USA, being at the ceremony, seeing the torch lit was all amazing. So cool to see all of the fans walking from the Village to the Stadium screaming and cheering for us. Now the Games have begun and we can get to business!” -- Molly Vandemoer

“I really liked the variety of moods they had throughout the ceremony. I enjoyed the beginning, which was more historic, going through the Industrial Revolution. The gold glowing rings were a really cool visual effect. I liked the music. They had a whole montage of different eras of music and it made you realize how many famous British artists there are. I also thought it was really neat how they involved the Queen and they had a lot of humor in there. It was a great mix of the British culture.” -- Rachel Buehler

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