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Celebrate the college sport programs that play key roles in developing your athletes.

Collaborative Campaigns

We’re excited to relaunch the Olympians Made Here and Paralympians Made Here collegiate solidarity campaigns. This collaborative effort facilitates storytelling across athletes, National Governing Bodies, schools, conferences, the NCAA, and Team USA.

As part of the campaign recalibration, NGBs will play a key role in celebrating their athletes and college sport programs. The majority of Team USA athletes have benefitted from the college sports system, and are proud of who they became while growing and developing on campus. As the campaigns shift focus to athlete storytelling, NGBs can facilitate and amplify the athlete voice to shine a light on their college experience. The USOPC will continue to provide social graphics for NGBs to participate in three athlete-determined activations: the value of college sports, unify school communities and why I play my sport.

Campaign Activation Dates

ACTIVATION 1 Value of college sports
A graduation cap for activation 1.
October 13, 2020
ACTIVATION 2 Unify school community
Three people holding hands for activation 2.
January 25, 2021
ACTIVATION 3 Why I play my sport
A baseball and bat for activation 3.
April 13, 2021
A gymnastics athlete during a rings routine

How to Participate

The USOPC has worked with a group of NGB communicators to develop four best practices for participating in the 2020-21 campaigns. With athlete storytelling at the helm of the effort, amplifying their messaging on your channels will help broadly educate sport fans across the country on the important role college athletics play in developing leaders.

  • Participate in quarterly social post

  • Facilitate athlete participation

  • Celebrate #MadeHereMonday

  • Connect with national team athlete schools


Access campaign social graphics.

View the 2020-21 campaign roadmap.

Read more about the campaigns in the activation playbook.


In addition to the above best practices, the USOPC has prepared a few additional resources to help you get familiar with the collegiate partnerships department, and the college ties across the Olympic and Paralympic movements.