Athlete Testimonials

Learn firsthand how Team USA athletes have grown and developed through our country’s college sports system.

Matthew Scott Wisconsin - Whitewater // wheelchair basketball

Why did you choose your college, and what did you like most about being a student-athlete there?

"As a student-athlete, often times we get recruited because of the player/athlete we are. I chose to go to UW-Whitewater to pursue becoming the best athlete I could possibly be. It was less about my ability, and more of my potential."

How did competing collegiately help prepare you for competing on Team USA?

"As a collegiate athlete I learned principles of being an elite level athlete both on and off the court. Being a member of Team USA is a tremendous honor and comes with a big responsibility. At UW-Whitewater, I learned how to prioritize those responsibilities."

How did (or will) going to college prepare you for life?

"My college experiences prepared me for the real world. I acquired major life skills in college like time management, working/living with others and balancing social life with major priorities."