June 30, 2019, 9:55 a.m. (ET)


Following the Olympic Games Rio 2016, 28-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps announced his retirement. Even though he’s no longer swimming competitively, he has far from having an excess of free time.

Phelps has been on the move – from golfing, to hanging out with some recognizable friends and family, to supporting Team USA and more.

In honor of Phelps’ 34th birthday, we’re taking a dive into what the swimming legend has been up to through social media.

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Phelps has found himself out on the golf course a lot more often, and it appears he is back to his winning ways. Just last September, Phelps and Team USA pulled out with a win in a 10-hole scramble against well-known European celebrities in the 2018 Ryder Cup Celebrity Match. 

He has also been spending time with a few of his famous friends like five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant and two-time Super Bowl champion Ray Lewis. Phelps is also a big sports fan, often posting about the Baltimore Ravens in particular.

Also, let us not forget his friendship with fellow Olympic swimming champion Allison Schmitt.

While Phelps is enjoying retirement, he doesn’t forget the special moments he’s shared both individually and alongside his Team USA teammates. Remembering these moments on “Throwback Thursday” is a highlight throughout Phelps’ social media.

While Phelps didn’t attend the University of Michigan as a student-athlete, he did train there for the Olympics on multiple occasions. These days, it’s common to see him supporting the Wolverines and donning some of their team apparel.  

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Let's go blue!!! #goblue @boomerrphelps

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Let’s go blue!!!

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Now, this photo might need a little bit more explanation… but regardless, it’s one of the highlights. 

Phelps continues to support Team USA athletes in all sports, whether it be from summer or winter sports

And, of course, he is consistently reminding us that he and Schmitt have the most adorable friendship.

Retirement isn’t just hard work for Phelps. He has been goofing around on social media as well. This prank in particular may have gotten us a little too excited...

All gold everything is a pretty good look for Mr. Phelps, no?

Phelps also takes the time to appreciate a special someone from time to time. His wife, Nicole, doesn’t shy away from the Olympian’s Instagram. The couple is currently going on their third year of marriage.

Another baby is on the way for the Phelps family – it’ll be No. 3 for Michael and Nicole, who currently have two sons, Boomer and Beckett Phelps. 

While Michael’s Instagram is always giving us a glimpse into his life post-retirement, the family pictures are our favorite ones.

This combination is regularly undefeated: babies and medals.

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