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If Team USA Athletes Were President For A Day, What’s The First Thing They Would Do?

By Darci Miller | May 09, 2018, 8:29 p.m. (ET)


Team USA athletes have some pretty monumental goals when it comes to their sports. But competition isn't the only thing on the minds of the 2018 U.S. Olympic and Paralympic team members. They're thinking about saving the environment, spreading love… and getting tan.

Read on to find out what nine of your favorite Olympians and Paralympians would do if they were president for a day.

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Matt Hamilton, Curling

“I’d probably just hang out in the Oval Office and pretend to be a baller.”


Ashley Caldwell, Freestyle Skiing

“I would ask for every person in the world to go out and appreciate somebody that they wouldn’t normally appreciate. Create some more love instead of hate.”


Emily Sweeney, Luge

“I think I would ban plastic bags. It’s small, there are other alternatives [to plastic] out there. So that would be step one.”


Bradie Tennell, Figure Skating

“I’d probably take a tour and find all the nooks and crannies in the house, the places to hide.”


Chris Knierim, Figure Skating

“I would want to look up all the secrets that are supposedly hidden around in books and such, and kind of figure out all the things that the government says are not true and see if they are true.”


Brittany Bowe, Long Track Speedskating

“I’d probably set up my lounge chair right on the grass and just suntan all day with a beautiful background behind me.”


Oksana Masters, Para Nordic Skiing

“The first thing I would do is make sure that this world had the best coffee, and make sure every person tasted really, really good coffee. Because people who don’t drink it just haven’t had the right cup yet.”


Meghan Duggan, Ice Hockey

“If I was president for a day, the first thing I would do is make sure that the fight for equality was no longer a thing, across all areas. Sex, religion, race, everything. That it just didn’t exist anymore, because it was a natural thing.”


Lauren Gibbs, Bobsled

“I think I would just encourage kindness. I think we’ve lost the ability for civil discourse in this country, and with social media now I think it’s really easy for people to just kind of name-call each other. I think we’d be in a much better spot if we could just sit down and listen to each other’s differences and understand where everyone’s coming from instead of just assuming that they’re right and the other person’s wrong.”

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