By Darci Miller | Jan. 02, 2018, 11:12 a.m. (ET)

Looking for some great social media accounts to follow in the new year? Look no further! The Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 are just around the corner, and Team USA athletes are all ready to go. Here are 18 of them who will fill your feeds with killer content.

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1. Gus Kenworthy (@guskenworthy), Freestyle Skiing

Come for the travel photos, stay for the Halloween costumes! Kenworthy shares snippets of every aspect of his life, from the incredible to the incredibly goofy. Actually… it’s almost always at least a little goofy. 



Ith thuper thweet to be in Barthelona for the firth time!

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Halloween with my by myself. Is that bad? Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo!

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2. Adam Rippon (@Adaripp), Figure Skating

His favorite person is Adam Rippon and yours should be too! Rippon is known for his sass and holds nothing back on Twitter. Follow for a personality as big as his performances.


3. John Daly (@johndalyusa), Skeleton

Daly’s Instagram bio says he’s “a slightly funny, decently athletic, perfect haired dude,” and that pretty much sums it up! Daly doesn’t take himself too seriously and is always good for a light-hearted post or some inspirational words of wisdom.


4. Alex Deibold (@adeibold), Snowboarding

Looking for your next computer wallpaper? Look no further than Deibold’s Instagram. He frequently posts jaw-dropping shots of scenery from around the world, so be prepared for some serious wanderlust.


Peepin' • • • #utah #fall #foliage #mountains #trixareforkids

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View from today's ride. #Utah #Mountains #Savage #Hashtag

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5. Brenna Huckaby (@bren_hucks), Para Snowboarding

If her purple hair didn’t tell you already, Huckaby knows how to have fun. She has a big personality that shines through in each of her Tweets, from cute pictures of her daughter to jokes about life as an amputee.


6. Maia and Alex Shibutani (@MaiaShibutani, @AlexShibutani), Figure Skating

The Shibs are bona fide social media stars, cranking out stellar Instagram shots and YouTube vlogs. But one of their best assets is old home movies, giving us a (way too cute!) glimpse of the siblings before they were superstars.


7. Amy Purdy (@amypurdygurl), Para Snowboarding

Wondering what a day in the life of a Paralympian looks like? Look no further than Purdy’s Instagram! Her photos hit the highlights while her stories take you through her day-to-day like no other.


I’ve never shown my legs without... well, my legs! There are many reasons, but the main is that my “prosthetics” are as much apart of me as my real legs were. They are extensions of me, I wear them all day, workout in them, hike, snowboard etc. I put them on in the morning and don’t think about them until I take them off at night. When I first lost my legs I made a promise to myself that my new legs weren’t going to be a burden, I never wanted to feel like “ ugh I have to put my legs on today”. I wanted my legs to allow me to live a full life verses stopping me from living life. So the minute I got my new legs about 6 weeks after my surgery, I put them on first thing in the morning, I started doing yoga and Pilates with my legs on before I was even comfortable walking. I forced myself to do everything in them and eventually they very much became apart of me. Life is all about the choices we make. Yes, many of us have challenging circumstances but we always have the “Choice” of how we are going to live our lives. I wanted to live a fulfilling life of travel, adventure and not let anything stop me and those early choices, have led me to where I am today. But even with that, nothing feels better then taking them off and swimming in the warm water. This is me in my most vulnerable yet most free state, underwater, legs off. I was nervous posting this. My husband shot this then added a filter to make it look like a painting. I like it. My husband also calls my legs my little “swimmerets” which makes me laugh. Shot with our @gopro #goprohero6 #underwater #free #mexico #instagram

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I have to share this! Today was my first competition of the season in Europe & I didn’t do my best, new board, new leg setup & things didn’t connect. I finished the race, walked inside to take my gear off and was stopped by this young guy @max_gerets who skipped school and took two trains in hopes of meeting me today. He brought my book for me to sign and was nearly in tears meeting me which put me in tears. He lost his legs from Meningitis as well and has followed my story to help get through the challenges of his own. It instantly reminded me of the bigger picture. It’s not about winning the race, it’s about how you run the race. It’s about setting an example, persevering through our challenges, figuring out the possibilities and sharing them so others can find their own possibilities. It’s not about winning medals it’s about winning at life. You never know when your worst day can be someone else’s best day simply because your apart of it. Thank you Max for reminding me of what really matters today! Medals tarnish but being someone’s hero lasts a lifetime. #liveinspired #livebeyondlimits #grateful

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8. Keith Gabel (@grizzlygabel on Instagram), Para Snowboarding

Gabel and his wife are quintessential free spirits and spent the better part of his offseason traveling around the United States in their van. His Instagram feed displays all kinds of hidden gems from their travels.


Physical strength will get you to the start line, but mental strength will get you across the finish line: This was one of the first shots I took on day three of our hike. Due to the way my leg was acting, I could tell right off the bat that this day was going to be tough. Between ascending around 2,000 feet with a 50 lb pack on, taking roughly 8 hours and my leg fluctuating in size all day, this day would put both my physical and mental strength to the ultimate test challenging me in ways that I have never experienced before. Regardless of the extreme amount of pain I was in, the breathtaking views were beyond worth every step. All I could think was "well, there's no turning back now" . . . . #Gratitude #Korea18 #pnwdiscovered #TeamUSA #Nike #ToBlessedToBeStressed #RoadToPyeongChang #StayHumble #EmitYourOwnFrequency #nofilter #mentalstrength #sherrybdesertstudio #NoBadDays #ThankYouMotherEarth #Lovethelifeyoulive #justkeepswimming #OptOutside #GetOutside #StarveYourEgo #FeedYourSoul #KeepTheirHeartsWild #KeepItContagious #adventuretime #usparalympics

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9. Elana Meyers Taylor (@eamslider24 on Twitter), Bobsled

Meyers Taylor is a two-time Olympic medalist and one of the best bobsled pilots in the world. She also happens to be one of the kindest, most generous members of Team USA, always reaching out to congratulate other athletes on their successes and thanking those that support her. Follow her on Twitter to add some good vibes to your life.


10. Jason Brown (@jasonbskates), Figure Skating

Is there a happier human on the face of the earth than Jason Brown? We think not! Brown is a perpetual ray of sunshine, capable of bringing you a smile on even the worst of days. He also makes a dance video for each event at which he competes, showcasing the city and culture of the location – and often other skaters!


11. Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn), Alpine Skiing

If you’re not already following Vonn, you’re missing out on photos of her tight-knit squad: the @vonndogs. Lucy, Leo and Bear accompany Vonn almost everywhere, from the gym to the airport to business meetings to Christmas shopping. They’re a guaranteed mood-lifter!


12. Jamie Anderson (@jamieanderson), Snowboarding

Is Anderson the coolest Olympic gold medalist ever? Quite possibly. Her cross-training regime includes long-boarding and yoga, and don’t be surprised if you catch a glimpse of her literally hugging a tree.


13. Jessie Diggins (@jessiediggins), Cross-Country Skiing

Diggins might be training for her second Olympic Winter Games, but that sure doesn’t stop her from dancing through life! Diggins is never short on enthusiasm, and her Instagram allows you to follow her giant grin around the world.


14. Shaun White (@shaunwhite), Snowboarding

White always keeps it real with his legion of fans. His Instagram shows every side of his life, from displaying his fashion-forward style (he has his own clothing line!) to showing his new tricks in the halfpipe to giving injury updates.


15. Hagen Kearney (@hagenkearney), Snowboarding

Kearney does it all. No, really. He plays guitar in a band. He skateboards. He rides mountain bikes. He rides motorcycles. And, oh yeah, he’s vying for a spot on the Olympic team in snowboardcross.


This last week was so sick!! ๐ŸŒ€๐Ÿ‘ป #gibson

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16. Matt Hamilton (@MattJamilton on Twitter), Curling

When you picture a curler, does a guy with purple patent leather Air Jordan 1s come to mind? Hamilton doesn’t fit the traditional mold of his sport, and that’s just fine with him. Follow his Twitter for some dry wit and, of course, his incredible mustache.


17. Joey Mantia (@joeymantia), Speedskating

Mantia’s Instagram account is great for anyone looking for some #MondayMotivation… and #TuesdayMotivation… and #WednesdayMotivation… you get the idea. Every day is leg day for Mantia, and you won’t be able to look away.


”Every day is ______ ______ ”

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18. David Wise (@davidwise), Freestyle Skiing

Wise isn’t just an Olympic gold medalist. He also happens to be the dad of two young kids. What’s it like training to be the best while trying to be a gold-medal dad? Wise gives the inside scoop.