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Red, White & Trending: July 14-20

By Jamie MacDonald | July 21, 2017, 2:36 p.m. (ET)

What are Team USA athletes — Olympians, Paralympians and hopefuls — up to when they're not competing? They're training. They're practicing. They're traveling to competitions and meets and games and tournaments. They're relaxing. They're getting engaged and married and having children. They're taking hard-earned vacations. Or retiring. Or coping with the raw emotions that come from losing and winning. And they're sharing. Through the reach of social media, we're able to follow along on their often extraordinary journeys. We'll catch you up each week on what's "Red, White & Trending."


New York State Of Mind

Born in California. Raised in California. Went to high school in California. Attending college in California. By every last measure, Olympic figure skater Polina Edmunds is a Californian. And despite traveling to competitions across the country and around the world, she has yet to make it to Brooklyn. So, she’s going to make the most of a good day and a perfect photo op on the Brooklyn Bridge.


never been to Brooklyn and I'd like to see what's gooood

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

… And in Times Square.


It's a sign of the Times (Square)✨

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

… And the Empire State Building.


push me to the edge

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

… Aaaaand Grand Central Station.


pretty grande I must say⚜️ #S

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

… And the moving 9/11 Memorial in southern Manhattan.


No day shall erase you from the memory of time❤️🇺🇸

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

… And the Metropolitan Museum of Art, too.


xoxo, P💋 #gossipgirl

A post shared by Polina Edmunds (@polinaedmunds) on

The trip was also a work trip, of sorts, for Edmunds.


The Right to Play event had more than a little Team USA flair, too.

Mutual Admiration Society

For a very long time now, beach volleyball’s Jake Gibb has been one of the best in the world. He’s won big in the professional ranks, earning a rookie of the year award, a tour championship, team-of-the-year honors, and an MVP award along the way. He’s also made three Olympic teams and is a two-time USA Volleyball Male Beach Athlete of the Year (2012 and 2013). This past week, though, Nick Lucena — a Rio Olympian and USA Volleyball Men's Beach Player of the Year in 2015 — got the better of Gibb, who found about the classiest way possible to make everyone look good on Instagram.

For his part, Lucena added his own entry to the mutual admiration society in a most classy Insta post.

If you’re keeping score, however, Gibb can claim more than 18,000 followers on Instagram while Lucena’s just past 11,000.

Dressed To Impress

Yet again, Paralympic track and field star Lex Gillette is on top of the world, having this past week won gold in in the long jump. Prior to his running in the 100-meters, where he finished fourth, he posed for this priceless pic.





As testament to how many friends Gillette has made along the way, the Twitter tributes quickly followed.





Gillette also, per usual, had a little fun along the way.


Jumping just comes naturally to me. #Easy #Jumpman #Vision #TrackNation #SanDiego #California

A post shared by Lex Gillette (@lexgillette) on

Merry England

Gillette wasn’t the only Team USA athlete to enjoy his trip to London, as the United States figured heavily in the medal count. Thanks in large part to Paralympic superstar Tatyana McFadden.









The athlete lounge also offered a place to unwind.

Let There Be Height

A night after the airing of the ESPYs this past week, many of the guests and award winners made their way to an awards show for an entirely different audience at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Among them were two Olympians who won gold in Rio — one, Aly Raisman, in gymnasts and the other, DeAndre Jordan, in basketball. From right to left: gymnast, basketball player.


Same height basically @deandre

A post shared by Alexandra Raisman (@alyraisman) on

Sell-professed “big kid” Jordan went on to have a whole lot of fun. Even if he couldn’t see much.

Rolling Strong

Olympic rower Meghan O’Leary is on the move. Not only was she competing in the Club National Championships in Ohio, but she also made sure her accommodations with Rio teammate Ellen Tomek were mobile. Tomek even managed a podium finish before setting sail for the East Coast.



Feet up in the RV driving to #clubnats2017 @usrowing @vesperboatclub @rowfluidesign @thegoldcup #lotmanchallenge

A post shared by Ellen Marie Tomek (@ellen.tomek) on



This is how we roll. #glamping #ClubNats17 ⛺️🚣🏻‍♀️

A post shared by Meghan O'Leary (@meghanoleary1) on




Not your average camper. 😜⛺️🚣🏻‍♀️

A post shared by Meghan O'Leary (@meghanoleary1) on



Wishing for s'more weekend.

A post shared by Meghan O'Leary (@meghanoleary1) on




On the road again. See you soon, Pton. Ohio_🚐_Jersey #roadwarriors #makelifeanadventure

A post shared by Meghan O'Leary (@meghanoleary1) on

Always in the back of their minds, though, is Sarasoata …

Internet Holidays

Up this week, a couple of Team USA favorites: #WorldEmojiDay and #NationalIceCreamDay …






We scream for the refreshing taste of a summer cool-down internet holiday …



For Kicks

A few weeks ago, Olympic track star Allyson Felix offered an inside look at her remarkable sneaker collection, leaning heavy on Air Jordans. It looks a little like this …


luv a fresh pair

A post shared by Allyson Felix (@af85) on

In an edition of #AskAllyson, she was asked about her five faves. And yet five didn’t seem to be enough.


Cross Training

As the 2012 Olympic Champion, Jenn Suhr has clearly proven herself in the pole vault. But she’s also an athlete. Which becomes pretty clear in the fast pitch cage.

Let’s Try That Again

A week ago in this space, we took a look at one of Team USA slalom skier Robby Kelley’s most talked-about moment this past season — which, unfortunately enough, was a crash that led him to climbing back up the hill on his skies so he could finish the race in front of tens of thousands during a raucous night race. Well, let’s take a look at a much cleaner run and honor the world-class abilities one of this country’s very best slalom skiers — and at night, too, this time in Norway.

Winter Here, Too

Head to a glacier and you expect to see more than a little bit of snow. But a lot of snow in the lower 48 in mid-July? Well, that’s where Mammoth Mountain has you covered. Right, Daron Rahlves?


#u16 group ready to drop in off #chair23 @mammothmountain @sugarbowlskiteamacademy #weareskiing

A post shared by Daron Rahlves (@daronrahlves) on

Where In The World Is Michael Johnson?

The man with the golden feet is having a nice vacation for himself overseas. Four-time Olympic gold medalist and record-setting track star Michael Johnson, who had hopped across the pond with LA2024, knows how to set an itinerary for travel.




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