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What Do Team USA Athletes Do When They Get A Day Off?

By Lisa Costantini | Aug. 10, 2017, 12:45 p.m. (ET)

Vacations. Naps. Binge watching TV series. These are all activities that Team USA athletes don’t get a lot of time for. Instead their days are spent doing things like training, competing and working out. So in honor of National Lazy Day on August 10, we asked 13 Olympians and Olympic hopefuls what they would do if they got a day off. 

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1) Lowell Bailey, Biathlon

"IF I had a lazy day, I would like to go paddleboarding with my wife and hang out with my family on the dock at my wife's family camp. These days those chances are few and far between!”


2) Tim Burke, Biathlon

“During my free time, if I have the energy, I try and get out fly fishing. This has always been the best way for me to recharge after some tough training!”


3) Lexi Burkholder, Short Track Speedskating

“Most of my days off from training are not very lazy as I have to do laundry, cook, homework, etc. to prepare for the week ahead. It's rare that I have a true lazy day. If I can swing it, I try to get outside for a hike or day trip to a Utah state park. Finally, if all of my lazy-day obligations are met and I have nothing to do, which is like once a year, I generally will avoid getting out of bed except to gather food and beverages.”


4) Alex Carlson, Curling

“Reading a good book near some body of water with crackers and cheese for a snack! The photo is from Oslo, but more recently it's been a park by the Mississippi.”


5) Kendall Coyne, Ice Hockey 

“When I am not on the ice or in the weight room and have a day off, I am usually hanging out with my fiancé [Denver Broncos tackle Michael Schofield] or watching him play football. We enjoy sightseeing, working with kids in the community and just spending time together relaxing and cooking yummy dinners.”


6) Annalisa Drew, Freestyle Skiing

"A lazy day for me I guess would be sleeping in a little bit and then finding something to do with my family or some friends. A lazy day would be not having plans or obligations and just going with the flow figuring out what I’m going to do that day.”


7) Casey Eichfeld, Canoe/Kayak

“Lazy days don't come but once in a blue moon. Training days off and work days off rarely mesh, but now and again the day off stars align. Then I like to try out this thing I have heard about called napping. I can't be sure if I'm actually doing it right though...”


8) Arielle Gold, Snowboarding

“My favorite way to spend a lazy day is with my horse, Sparky. It's the perfect way to unwind and relax after a long week!”


9) Simi Hamilton, Cross-Country Skiing

“My lazy days in the summer are best spent on the water. It doesn’t matter if it’s a local swimming hole on the river, a small pond in Vermont or a deep high-mountain lake in Colorado. I am most relaxed and at ease if I can spend the day swimming and lounging on a beach or the rocks. Cliff or bridge jumping is an added bonus.”


10) Elena Hight, Snowboarding

“My favorite off days are spent either at the beach or at a lake. There is nothing more relaxing and rejuvenating than swimming, floating and just being in the water surrounded by nature.” 


11) Andy Newell, Cross-Country Skiing

“Cross country skiers are maybe the worst lazy people out there. When I have a day off from ski training, I try to do something completely unrelated to winter sports. Swimming or fishing are some of my favorite ways to get off my feet and kick back. If I'm having a hard time finding that laziness motivation I just look toward my pets—cats and dogs are the best at being lazy!”


12) Alex Shibutani, Figure Skating

“If I had one day to be ‘lazy’, I would wake up, go for a run, eat a big breakfast, and then take a nap. Naps are a luxury! After waking up, I would spend time with my family and our two dogs, Lily and Po. Two other things that I would somehow fit into a ‘lazy day’ are taking photos and going to see a movie. Photography provides me with an outlet for creativity when I'm not on the ice. I love watching movies since I appreciate and enjoy great storytelling and visual art.”


13) Aaron Tran, Short Track Speedskating

"I always take utmost advantage of my lazy days. I first make sure I have the tastiest snacks at my disposal. But not too tasty, or else I'll get yelled at by my coaches for weight gain. Then I have to communicate with the family. Family is fun. And anything urgent that needs attention will be taken care of. Because missing urgent stuff is bad. It feels bad too. Finally, I can complete my mission of becoming the most lazy human being on the planet for the rest of the day by playing video games on my PC that I built. This includes playing popular games like, League of Legends, Rocket League, CS:GO, etc. with my friends from my home state of Washington."

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