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Move Over, President Obama! Team USA Athletes Share The First Things They Would Do As President

By Lisa Costantini | Sept. 29, 2016, 12 p.m. (ET)

Just like being a member of Team USA is an elusive dream that many chase but only few achieve, so is being president of the United States. But with the opportunity to meet President Barack Obama at the White House at an event honoring their accomplishments in Rio, approximately 600 U.S. Olympians and Paralympians can envision what it would be like to do both. So what is the first thing they would do if they were president for a day? Fourteen athletes shared their plans...

Katie Ledecky, Swimming

“Do something to honor the people of this country. I know what it’s like to represent the country, but that’s nothing compared to what people have done for our country and have sacrificed for our country.”

Laurie Hernandez, Gymnastics

“I would sit in a spinny chair in the Oval Office and just spin in circles and take fake phone calls or something. Probably order breakfast.”

Steele Johnson, Diving

“I’d probably go bowling in the private bowling alley that they have in the White House because I love bowling. I’m terrible at it, but I love it.”

Becca Meyers, Paralympic Swimming

“Equality for all.”

Ali Krieger, Soccer

“I’d have all my friends and family come over and have a party and just hang out all day because I never get to see them so it would be amazing to have them all in one place.”

Josh Brunais, Paralympic Soccer

“Give everyone the day off.”

English Gardner, Track and Field

“I would raise minimum wage.”

Kyle Snyder, Wrestling

“The first thing I would do is grant myself access to Chipotle food for free for the rest of my life. Make it an amendment or something.”

Bethany Zummo, Sitting Volleyball

“Host a party and dance on the table.”

Madison Hughes, Rugby

“I’d get everyone playing rugby; that would be step one. Put it in all the schools. It’s a great game. All the kids should play it.”

Lex Gillette, Paralympic Track and Field

“The government doesn’t fund the U.S. Olympic Committee, so I would make funding available for the Olympic and Paralympic athletes.”

Michelle Carter, Track and Field

“The first thing I would do is give everybody free manicures and pedicures. That always makes everyone feel good.”

Connor Fields, BMX

“I’d go straight to — I don’t know if there’s a library or something — but I’d try to figure out the nation’s secrets. I don’t know where they would be, but I live in Nevada, close to Area 51 so I’d love to know what’s in Area 51.”

Tatyana McFadden, Paralympic Track and Field

“I would probably get the chef to make me a meal. I don’t have a chef at home, so why not? I would definitely use the chef all day.”


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