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21 Times We Wanted To Be Missy Franklin's Best Friend

May 10, 2016, 12:15 p.m. (ET)

Since Missy Franklin burst onto the scene before the London 2012 Olympic Games, one thing has been abundantly clear: we would all love to be Missy Franklin's friend. Franklin, in addition to being a world-class swimmer, is always smiling, loves her family and friends (and pets), travels the world and has all sorts of adventures. Sure sounds like amazing best friend material to us! 

In honor of the five-time Olympic medalist's 21st birthday, check out 21 times her Instagram posts had us wishing we were her best friend.

1. The time she brought her cat while she was getting glammed.

Wait... So you're not supposed to bring your cat with you to hair and makeup...? #newstome

A photo posted by Missy Franklin (@missyfranklin88) on

2. The time she announced that she's writing a book.

3. The time she reminisced about her world travels.

4. The time she was a supportive teammate.

5. The time she showed appreciation for her friends.

6. The time she agreed that food is the most important thing.

7. The time she was excited for Rio!

8. The time she was a beast in the gym.

9. The time she gave us some inspirational words.

Tea is even better when it comes with inspiration☕️💖

A photo posted by Missy Franklin (@missyfranklin88) on

10. ...and the time she didn't need to.

11. The time she was total life goals.

12. The time she gave back to her sport.

13. The time she rocked the Golden Goggle awards.

14. The time she signed autographs for her fans.

15. The time she visited Sri Lanka.

16. The time she wanted the simple things in life.

17. The time she hung out with Taylor Swift.

Est. 1989💋

A photo posted by Missy Franklin (@missyfranklin88) on

18. The time she was totally relatable.

19. The time she took home some serious hardware.

Hopefully this photo doesn't need much of a caption because it captures my pure joy and excitement. I could not be more honored to receive the Collegiate Women Sports Awards Honda Cup. Getting to know all the incredible women in the 2015 class and being so inspired by them was by far the most rewarding part❤️ Thank you so much to the University of California Berkeley for giving me the opportunity to represent my dream school and to all my CAL teammates and coaches who mean more than the world to me, this wouldn't have been possible without you. And, an additional plus, I was able to wear a white dress because I'm tan enough now that you can tell a difference between my skin and the dress!😂👍🏻 #stillalittlesunburnt #ohwell #gobears #foreverbleedblueandgold

A photo posted by Missy Franklin (@missyfranklin88) on

20. The time she showed her love for her dad.

There's never been a safer place in the world. My rock through it all. Happy Father's Day Daddy❤️

A photo posted by Missy Franklin (@missyfranklin88) on

21. The time she took to the sky.

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