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LA 2024 Sets Out Olympic Vision: A New Games For A New Era

By LA 2024 | Feb. 17, 2016, 12:03 p.m. (ET)

LOS ANGELES - Los Angeles 2024 has submitted Part 1 of its Candidature File to the International Olympic Committee, and with it a pledge to stage a New Games for a New Era, fully aligned with Olympic Agenda 2020 and fueled by Los Angeles’ unparalleled culture of creativity and youthful energy.

Part 1 of the Candidature File sets out a truly sustainable and transformative Games Concept combining the very best of LA’s rich topography, significant investment in public infrastructure and its wealth of existing, state-of-the-art sports venues. The venue clusters embrace the diverse assets of vibrant Downtown LA, verdant San Fernando Valley, multicultural South Bay and the sun-drenched Santa Monica Bay.

LA 2024 will invite the world to Follow the Sun with an Olympic and Paralympic Games shaped by the city's pioneering spirit of progress, innovation and optimism.


LA 2024 offers the ultimate experience for athletes. With ideal weather and an abundance of existing, modern, accessible facilities perfectly suited for year-round sport, Los Angeles offers the finest setting for athletes to perform their best. Athletes will be housed in existing and planned accommodations on UCLA’s state-of-the-art campus. Elite sports and medical facilities and outstanding dining and leisure will all be available on-site in a risk-free Olympic Village configuration of unparalleled comfort and convenience.

The LA 2024 Olympic Games will benefit from the city’s relentless commitment to progress and imagining what is next. For decades, LA has been making the strategic investments in sports facilities, tourist accommodations and transport infrastructure which make it an Olympic Games-ready city. By 2024, LA will be investing $88 billion into its transportation upgrade program – the most extensive in the United States – which is set to make the city greener, more livable and better connected than ever before by 2024.

An impressive 97% of Games venues are either already in place, planned by private investors or temporary, but nevertheless LA 2024 will be a brand new Games experience. Of the array of world-class sports venues still providing legacy benefits from the last time LA hosted the Games in 1984, only five are incorporated into the LA 2024 Games Plan. Three of those – the LA Coliseum, Pauley Pavilion and the Rose Bowl – are among America's most iconic sports landmarks. And all will have undergone significant renovations by 2024.


The absence of any major Games-related construction projects will allow LA 2024 to focus on delivering the ultimate Games environment through targeted innovations in sports presentation, fan engagement and personalized athlete experience. It is for good reason that more than 1,000 Olympians and Paralympians choose to live, work and train in LA, and the LA 2024 Games will reaffirm the city’s deserved reputation for providing the ideal conditions for elite performance.

Eleven of the world’s top technology companies are located in California and the surrounding region, and LA is known around the world as a hub of global entertainment and innovation. LA 2024 has established an innovation network of top technology and creative talent to unveil strategies to harness the huge creative potential on its doorstep.

By following the sun, LA 2024 aims to ignite an energy revolution, supplying Los Angeles with additional zero carbon electricity leading up to, during and long after the Games. Bolstered by existing renewable energy installations and the availability of more than 4,000 hectares of available roofs for new solar systems, LA 2024 will leverage the city’s robust energy infrastructure to introduce the first energy positive Olympic and Paralympic Games, powered by the sun.


LA 2024’s vision is to create a bold new opportunity for the Olympic Movement: together, the IOC, the USOC and LA 2024 will elevate the Games for the world through globally relevant, globally resonant storytelling. At the same time, LA 2024 will be fiscally responsible and sustainable.

Unprecedented levels of public support for the Games – 81% are in favor in LA – will provide the perfect catalyst for reigniting passion and belief in Olympism. By hosting the greatest sports event on Earth in a trendsetting global metropolis, the Olympic Movement will discover a ready-made connection to youth culture and the popular imagination – in the US and worldwide.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said: “LA is an innovative city ready to deliver on the sustainable principles of Olympic Agenda 2020. We have the capacity to be an exciting and electric host city, while also committing to fiscal responsibility. On behalf of the City of Los Angeles, I would like to thank the International Olympic Committee for giving us this opportunity to put our dreams, our creativity and our love of sport at the service of the Olympic Movement.”

LA 2024 Chairman Casey Wasserman said: “Our priority was to create a Games Concept that delivers the ultimate personalized experience for athletes, maximizes our existing world-class sports infrastructure and reinvigorates the Olympic brand around the world for a new generation. LA 2024 will reimagine what’s possible for a modern Olympic Games, just like the city did in 1932 and 1984. Our prudent, pragmatic and responsible approach will refocus the world’s attention on the value – not the cost – of the greatest celebration of humanity on the planet.”

United States Olympic Committee Chief Executive Officer Scott Blackmun said: “This bid document is the product of an excellent working relationship between the City of LA, LA 2024 and the USOC. Together, we have created a Games Concept which serves the priorities of the IOC today, the needs of the athletes in 2024, and the Olympic and Paralympic movements for generations.”

For more information visit LA24.org or http://www.olympic.org/current-candidature-process-2024