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My Focus: Katie Gorczyca

Sept. 08, 2015, 11:48 a.m. (ET)

"My Focus" is a weekly photo series in which TeamUSA.org (and @TeamUSA on Instagram) takes fans behind the scenes with some of the top Olympic and Paralympic athletes and hopefuls. Fans can get a glimpse into a day in the life of an athlete and see the hard work, dedication and sacrifice that is required on a daily basis to represent Team USA. In this first installment, meet triathlete Katie Gorczyca, who spends her days swimming, biking and running through Colorado Springs, Colorado.

1) Working Hard At Swim Practice
During swim practice, USA Triathlon’s Katie Gorczyca practices various drills, including sprinting into the water as quickly as possible.

2) All Smiles At Swim Practice
Gorczyca smiles at a teammate while joking around on the shore between swim drills. The team she practices with day in and day out consists of about eight people, so they are all pretty close.

3) Persevering At Swim Practice
While still on shore, Gorczyca's goggles snapped and broke when she tried to put them on. She had to continue swim practice without goggles for the rest of the time.

4) The Thrill Of A Run
Gorczyca practices all three triathlon sports almost every day. During the running portion, the team usually runs trails outside.

5) Heavy Lifting
USA Triathlon’s Katie Gorczyca takes her bike out of her trunk prior to riding to Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs, Colo.

6) On The Shoulder
Several of Gorczyca's teammates have been hit by cars while running and biking on roadways. She tries to stay as far off the road as possible to avoid getting in an accident.

7) Strike A Pose
Katie Gorczyca poses for a photo with her bike inside Garden of the Gods.

8) Superwoman
Gorczyca believes it is important to include strength and conditioning in her workouts to help prevent injury, so she is in the gym about three times a week.

9) Brrrr!
After hours of training and working out, Gorczyca spends a good amount of time in the U.S. Olympic Training Center recovery area. Here she sits in a cold tub to help her muscles recover faster.

10) Free Time
USA Triathlon's Katie Gorczyca poses for a photo outside of the visitor's center of the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colo. Gorczyca is a resident athlete at the OTC and spends a lot of time training at these facilities.