By Brandon Penny | Nov. 07, 2015, 3:22 p.m. (ET)

A never-before-seen wedding day selfie from Amy Purdy and Daniel Gale

Amy Purdy has done it all – from Paralympic snowboarder to “Dancing with the Stars” runner-up, best-selling author to motivational speaker, clothing designer to actress, model to Miss America judge.

Now, after spending more than one third of her life with boyfriend Daniel Gale, Purdy has recently added wife to her lengthy résumé.

The couple, who founded Adaptive Action Sports in 2005 to create opportunities for those with physical disabilities to get involved in skateboarding and snowboarding, wed on Aug. 29, 2015 in Boise, Idaho.

As Purdy celebrates a different personal holiday – her 36th birthday on Nov. 7 – we’re celebrating one of the biggest days of her life, her wedding. Purdy recently spoke to and revealed all the intimate details of her big day.

You were engaged in May and married in August. How long did it take to plan the wedding?

It took us two months to plan our wedding, which I’m really proud of! It can be done. It was a bit of a stressful two months, but it’s kind of amazing because of that. Everyone pulled together to make it happen. We had neighborhood friends who made the cake, who helped to decorate. My sister is an interior designer and she was in charge of decorating and organizing the entire wedding. My friend married Daniel and I, that’s what he does for a living, and he also was the DJ. Wynonna Judd, who is a great friend, she came out. She was coming to the wedding anyway and she asked if she could sing, which of course, who could pass that up. …

It was what I think weddings are supposed to be about. It wasn’t about anything elaborate, it was everybody pulling together to celebrate and just to make this incredible moment happen for all of us.

How involved were you in planning the wedding?

I actually was quite involved. I always say that my sister and my mom planned the wedding; they’re in Boise and that’s where we had the wedding – we had it in a barn just down the street from their house. My sister has already planned some weddings and she shops for a living because she’s an interior decorator, so she has all these decorations and stuff already. But, really, it was my inspiration. I would text them these Pinterest pictures and say, ‘I want these feathers on napkins,’ or ‘I want these wooden plates’ – just all this different inspiration, then my sister would find it and put it together. So it was a two-month marathon of Pinterest and us painting and gluing and throwing it together. But it could not have been better!

You told me last year that you wrote your book in six weeks, and now you planned your wedding in two months. Do you do everything in record time?

I don’t know what it is. I realize at this point that I completely throw myself into things. When I did “Dancing with the Stars,” I had no idea what I was stepping into but it completely took over my life and that’s what I dedicated my life to. Then when I decided to write my book and I was given a six-week deadline, I think I need those deadlines, and it’s amazing what you can accomplish in that time. I always thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I need six months to a year.’ Actually, I tried to write my book for years and couldn’t quite figure it out and procrastinated, but as soon as I was given a six-week deadline, I banged it out and made it happen. The same thing happened for the wedding – as soon as that date was planned, I had to figure it out. I think I thrive on sink or swim situations.

You mentioned “Dancing with the Stars.” Is that how you know Wynonna Judd?

I grew up listening to the Judds. My family is such huge fans and we’d listen on road trips, we’d all sing their music. Then randomly, a few years ago, I met Wynonna Judd on an airplane and I went up and told her, ‘Oh my gosh, I grew up with your music, I’m such a huge fan,’ and I remember she gave me her book. And just a few years later, her husband lost his leg in a motorcycle accident and I wanted to reach out to them, but I didn’t know how. I ended up going on “Dancing with the Stars,” which she was previously on, and she and her husband were huge fans of mine and ended up going to the show to support me, and really from that point forward we’ve been great friends. It’s almost like we were meant to meet. We kept coming together in our lives and we’re both incredibly grateful for the friendship.

What was it like having a childhood idol sing at your wedding?

It was amazing; it’s so surreal. I still can’t believe that Wynonna Judd sang at my wedding. I know Wynonna as a friend and then I know Wynonna Judd as Wynonna Judd. It was the most amazing, special moment of my life. Part of the reason why we wanted to do the wedding so quickly is that my grandfather’s getting older. I think in the last six months we all just realized that, and my dad just went through a major neck surgery – it was quite scary – and I realized we have our family, everyone’s together, everyone’s healthy, let’s do this. Then to have Wynonna Judd there to sign one my favorite songs while my dad and I danced (“Love Is Alive”), then “Grandpa” as my grandpa and I danced, honestly was one of the most awesome, emotional, incredible, God moments of my life.

What other special touches made the wedding unique to you and Daniel?

We had quite a few unique things to our wedding going on. Outside the fact that we really DIY-ed almost everything – Daniel was painting things and writing on chalkboards – we actually had a nonprofit organization cater the wedding, Life’s Kitchen. They help inner-city kids and teach them how to cook, and they do all farm-to-table, fresh foods. That was one unique touch. Also, while everybody was seated right before I walked down the aisle, a deer jumped through the grass and everyone thought it was going to take the arbor out, but they all snapped pictures of this deer running through the aisle.

Then, when we did our dinner outside, there was a sprinkle of rain that turned into really dark clouds and we thought, ‘Oh my gosh, we’re going to get rained on,’ and then all of a sudden the clouds parted and this gorgeous rainbow appeared, so while we were eating dinner we had this beautiful rainbow above us. Some of my friends joked around and said, ‘How much did you pay Oprah for that rainbow?’ It was amazing. You really can’t ask for more – you get a rainbow on your wedding day, it’s seriously awesome.

That sounds pretty perfect.

It was. I actually went to a wedding a couple weeks before for my trainer going into the Paralympics, and as soon as they kissed, a clap of thunder hit. It was so crazy. Everyone cheered and I remember thinking, ‘Mother Nature better show up to our wedding,’ but instead of a clap of thunder, we got a gorgeous rainbow. It just makes you feel like things are meant to be when they all pull together like that.

Evan Strong was at the wedding. Did you have any other Paralympians in attendance?

Evan was there! I had Olympians at the wedding, too. I had Evan Strong, the gold medalist and Paralympic snowboarder and great friend of ours, we had Keith Gabel (Paralympic bronze medalist), we had Alex Deibold, who’s the bronze medalist for Olympic boardercross. We had Barrett Christy there (1998 Olympic snowboarder). We definitely had some of our Olympic family there.

You and Daniel have been together for 13 years. Does it feel different now that you’re married?

It does feel different. I always thought that it wouldn’t, that we’re basically married already and it’s not going to feel different. The main difference came when we got engaged. There was something that just happened. You know that you’re doing everything you can for each other, you’re no longer thinking just on your own. Even though we had been together so many years, now, suddenly, you’re doing everything you can to make sure it does work out.

There’s a shift of energy and we would’ve never experienced that or known what that felt like before we actually did it. He’s amazing and I honestly could not be more grateful to have such a loving, supportive person on my side.