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Hilary Knight: Ready To Battle The World

By Hilary Knight, Two-Time Olympic Ice Hockey Silver Medalist | March 28, 2015, 1:34 a.m. (ET)

It’s game day! I wake up with Bob Johnson’s words, “It’s a great day for hockey,” in my mind. I can’t help but think how amazing it is to represent our country on the world stage. I believe this is my seventh world championship tournament! Yet throughout the years, the honor and privilege of wearing a USA Hockey jersey has never faded, and the responsibility and privilege of representing the United States is something that I carry with pride.

When I step out on the ice for warm-ups, there’s this youthful feeling inside me. You can’t help but count the smiles on our faces; skating for Team USA is a magical moment. Skating with this group is always a dream come true — we are a great team both on and off the ice. Wrap all of that into one day and add the opportunity to play a game against Canada and defend our border; it truly is a great day for hockey!  

We spent the past week training in Westbury, New York, for our pre-world championship camp. It helped us mesh together and reignite our chemistry before we arrived here in Malmo, Sweden, for the world championship tournament. With the tournament’s reformatting, it gives us a competitive group as our preliminary game schedule is Canada, Finland and Russia.

Our first game today is against Canada. Since our last game against them in Kamloops, B.C., we have been excited for another opportunity to face off against our northern opponents. The rivalry is respectfully competitive with deep roots since the spawn of women’s hockey. There is something about playing for one’s country that brings out the fervor in each play.

But do not let me get too ahead of myself! I start my day off with great company (teammates), a strong cup of coffee, a shot of espresso and a hearty breakfast. Following breakfast I will get out and move, whether a pregame skate or a warm-up/ stretching routine. It is important to take care of your body; it also is a nice caveat (ahem, massages!!!). Sometimes the massages can be painful — or that tub of ice can be awfully daunting — but we do what it takes to prime our bodies for on-ice battle! I will follow up the meal and energy exercise with a nap, a few more snacks and a hearty pre-game meal and then it is off to work (a fun work)!

I approach each game with a similar attitude, 1 and 0. I am excited for the puck drop, and I hope you are able to tune in and follow us! For those of you who are continued fans and supporters, you are aware of our drive, skill and youthful speediness. For those who are new, we have some impressive new faces on our team!! 

Thank you for all of your support! Talk later,

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