By Lisa Costantini | Jan. 21, 2015, 2:15 a.m. (ET)

Kelly Clark has a packed schedule. With the first two contests of the season down — both of which landed her up on the podium — she is now in Aspen, Colorado, to compete at the X Games. So we asked the winningest snowboarder ever to unpack her Burton Wheelie Double Deck Travel Bag and show us the travel accessories she can’t leave home without.

Workout Wear

Jacket: “I like the neutral color of this gray Burton Sadie Jacket.”

Sweatshirt: “Comfortable but transitional travel sweatshirts like the light gray Burton Astor Crew Pullover are key. Because I have a packed schedule I’m usually getting off the plane or train and heading straight to dinner — so my travel outfit has to cut it all day.”

Hats: “You can’t go wrong with some beanies that pop.”


Sunglasses: “TOMS sunglasses. These are just like the shoes, but they give a pair of glasses to someone in need. So if you’re looking to get shades, get some for yourself and help someone out while you’re at it.”

Travel case: “I keep everything important in this Burton case: passport, checkbook, receipts, etc. It keeps me organized on the road.”


Water bottle: “This Mizu stainless steel water bottle is a great reusable bottle. I take it everywhere with me. I even bought it for my friends for Christmas this year as you can never be too hydrated.”

Kindle: “I love to read, but books can get heavy to travel with, so this is the perfect fix.”

Headphones: “These Bose headphones are the most comfortable headphones out there. With my busy schedule I am always looking to have a moment to myself, and these allow me to do just that.”

Camera: “It’s nice to have a camera that can take quality photos. My phones photos are only so good. With the iON POV camera I don’t have to have a big camera with me but I can get the high-quality photos I want.”

Computer: “My MacBook Pro. Just because I snowboard for a living doesn’t mean I get out of doing emails.”

Computer case: “This Burton laptop sleeve makes taking my laptop in and out for security easy.”

Bible: “I have a Kindle — which is nice for space and weight — but there is something nice about turning real pages and being able to make notes in an actual book.”