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Hilary Knight: Going To The Final!

By Hilary Knight, Two-Time Olympic Ice Hockey Silver Medalist | April 03, 2015, 8:47 p.m. (ET)

Selfie with some of the young volunteers at the tournament! Decker and Schleper hopped in the picture, too!

Linn, our host, trying out the Norma-Tec

Can you believe it?! 13-1 victory against Russia today! It was a true team effort; we had a lot of first goals today! After having a day off to tour around Copenhagen, Denmark, it was time for us to refocus and get back to business.

Yesterday we had a solid practice with time to get the muscles warmed up and feel the puck and ice again. After practice, we came back to the hotel with some time to enjoy the nice weather for the remainder of the day. The streets were filled with others enjoying the lovely weather. I set out on a hunt to find another pair of dress pants, but could not find a big enough size! On the walk back I grabbed a coffee with Vetter and Schaus at our new favorite place, Wayne’s Coffee! Other perks of going to grab a coffee is better WiFi and I can also practice my Swedish skills (not too sharp as of late).

We shut it down pretty early to get a restful night’s sleep. After a little massage/recovery session we invited our host, Linn, to try out the Norma-Tec recovery machine! She thought it was really weird, but still was a good sport for trying it out. Once we finished with the Norma-Tec, Vetter and I turned on our new TV series! Vetter and I are hooked on yet another TV show, “The Killing.” The Apple TV comes in handy for our long trips away from home!

Oh — I almost forgot to add — our bandwagon team (that plays in the Swedish Hockey League), Malmö Redhawks, won its series last night!! Safe to say there was a fair amount of “whaling” in front of the TV.

Being a clown at the rink...demonstrating how I do not fit into "normal"-sized clothing. (photo cred: Linn T. Martin)

This morning, I woke up before my alarm because I was really excited about breakfast. Yep, Swedish pancakes!! Had some of those for breakfast and then headed back up to our room for a pre-game nap. After the nap, I woke up and headed downstairs to catch the bus to our game against Team Russia!

We had a solid team effort, a nice relaxed day once we got back to the hotel. Now I will need to sign off as it is time to focus on bringing the world championship back to the USA!!!

We’re looking forward to a fast-paced game tomorrow! Universal Sports and TSN will be covering the championship game. I hope everyone is able to watch!! 10 a.m. ET on Universal Sports!!!

Thank you so much for all the support!

I’m sure we will talk later,


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