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College Football Pick'em: Team USA Style

By Team USA | Sept. 06, 2014, 11:49 a.m. (ET)

Gymnast Sam Mikulak

College football season is underway and, while there might not be any Team USA athletes on the field, many can be found in the stands or glued to their TVs cheering for their favorite school. To prepare for the highly anticipated University of Michigan-Notre Dame game Saturday, Sept. 6 at 7:30 p.m. ET, we asked a few proud Wolverines and Fighting Irish to share their favorite college football memories, favorite tailgate food and score predictions, including Michigan's Tyler Clary, Sam Mikulak and Charlie White, and Notre Dame's Shannon Boxx and Mariel Zagunis.

What is your favorite college football memory?

Shannon Boxx (three-time Olympic soccer champion): My favorite memory is walking around campus on game day and seeing and feeling the excitement — also, all the motor homes parked in the parking lot with big screen TVs outside.

Tyler Clary (2012 Olympic swimming champion): My recruiting weekend at Michigan! The game was against Wisconsin and we crushed them. The trip had already been a blast, and winning the game made it that much better!

Sam Mikulak (2012 Olympic gymnast, two-time national champion): My very first football game in the Big House as a Wolverine was against the University of Connecticut and we dominated 30-10. The best part was that it was an extremely hot day, but then it started raining and cooled off everyone in the crowd. Luckily, people left and my whole team stayed through the whole game, practically in the front row. This was one of the first bonding experiences I had with the gymnastics team and Michigan classmates, and it only grew from there.

Charlie White (three-time Olympic ice dance medalist): This past Saturday, the University of Michigan brought us out on the field to celebrate our Olympic win. That was an amazing feeling, which added to the fact that we won the game and our team looks great. I’d have to say that’s my favorite so far.

Mariel Zagunis (three-time Olympic fencing medalist): My high school was small and we did not have a football team. Therefore, my first real experience of going to a football game was my freshman year at Notre Dame (Fall 2004). I didn't know what to expect, but the whole experience was like nothing I had ever been to before. The excitement, the fans, the atmosphere — everyone was going nuts. The first home game for us that fall was against Michigan, and I did not comprehend the seriousness of the rivalry between the two schools! When Notre Dame won and upset the Wolverines, the entire student section rushed the field. I just followed the crowd and we celebrated on the football field — it was amazing and I thought every football game we won was going to be like that!

Fencer Mariel Zagunis

Who is/was your favorite college football player?

Shannon Boxx: Tim Brown

Sam Mikulak: Denard Robinson, as he was the fastest quarterback I have ever seen and the runs he made were incredible to watch. Not to mention, he never tied his shoe laces.

Charlie White: Denard Robinson was definitely my favorite. Michigan’s record, morale and fan base were all saved by that awesome guy.

Mariel Zagunis: When I was at Notre Dame, I liked Tommy Zbikowski because he has a crazy last name that starts with Z, like mine.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

Shannon Boxx: Bratwurst

Tyler Clary: You can’t beat a hot dog on game day!

Sam Mikulak: Hint-a-lime Tostidos and medium/hot Pace chunky salsa for the win

Charlie White: Hot dogs — so hard to screw up!

Mariel Zagunis: Hot dogs and Diet Coke!

What is your final score prediction?

Shannon Boxx: 34-31, Notre Dame

Tyler Clary: Michigan will defeat Notre Dame with a score of 27 to 14.

Sam Mikulak: Michigan 24 - Notre Dame 17

Charlie White: Michigan wins: 37-34.

Mariel Zagunis: As they say at Notre Dame, it's in God's hands.

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