By Jamie MacDonald | Oct. 03, 2014, 11 a.m. (ET)

College football season is underway and, while there might not be any Team USA athletes on the field, many can be found in the stands or glued to their TVs while cheering for their favorite school. Each week, we take a closer look at a big game through the eyes of Team USA athletes. This week's featured matchup finds No. 14 Stanford (3-1) traveling to face undefeated and No. 9 Notre Dame (4-0) in South Bend, Indiana. To prepare, we asked Tony Azevedo, a Stanford alum who as you'll see has reason to appreciate the Fighting Irish, and Mariel Zagunis, a Notre Dame grad, who they like for Saturday's game.

Tony Azevedo
Selfies, groomsmen, stadium lounging and photo ops from @WaterPoloTony, who attended the recent wedding of his best friend.
Tony Azevedo
Sport: Water Polo
College/University: Stanford University

What’s the best element of this matchup?

For me it represents history. Two historical schools who have managed to excel both in and out of the classrooms. Each usually has a future NFL Hall of Famer in the bunch (Elway, Montana...the list goes on and on). Since they are both usually good teams, you can always expect a great game.

What is your favorite college football memory?/p>

For me it was the excitement of seeing firsthand "The Big Game" at Stanford (Cal vs. Stanford). There would always be a water polo game in the morning and immediately after we would all go and watch the football game. Growing up in a very aquatic atmosphere, it was great seeing so many people passionately supporting their schools. And, of course, the water polo games would be packed as well!!

Who is/was your favorite college football player?

As a kid I liked UCLA and Stanford. Actually I just wanted any team on the West Coast to win. The only time I rooted for someone else was when Charlie Ward was playing. I loved how fast he was and how he played. I also loved the fact that he played both football and basketball. I was sad when he chose the NBA because he would have been fun to watch in the NFL.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

When you tailgate you have to stick to the classics. Nothing beats a hot dog or brat with sauerkraut and piles of mustard. Or just a burger. Hey, it's Saturday ... we just finished a game I can eat what I want!

Best tailgate memory?

My best tailgate experience was usually at Stanford and usually after The Big Game. I can remember beating Cal in the morning water polo game and going to Chopp's tailgate. He was part of the Stanford water polo family and always provided the best food and his famous margarita machine.

Final score prediction?

27-24, Stanford. It's time to turn the table on our lopsided rivalry.

Why do you think Stanford will win?

My best friend graduated from Notre Dame (and just got married on campus) so when the Cardinals aren't playing, I am always rooting for the Irish, but when we meet there is no question as to who I think will win.

Fencer Mariel Zagunis

Mariel Zagunis
Sport: Fencing
College/University: University of Notre Dame

What is your favorite college football memory?

My high school was small and we did not have a football team. Therefore, my first real experience of going to a football game was my freshman year at Notre Dame (Fall 2004). I didn't know what to expect, but the whole experience was like nothing I had ever been to before. The excitement, the fans, the atmosphere — everyone was going nuts. The first home game for us that fall was against Michigan, and I did not comprehend the seriousness of the rivalry between the two schools! When Notre Dame won and upset the Wolverines, the entire student section rushed the field. I just followed the crowd and we celebrated on the football field — it was amazing and I thought every football game we won was going to be like that!

Who is/was your favorite college football player?

When I was at Notre Dame, I liked Tommy Zbikowski because he has a crazy last name that starts with Z, like mine.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

Hot dogs and Diet Coke!

Final score prediction?

As they say at Notre Dame, it's in God's hands.