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12 Olympians On Their Favorite Splurge Foods

By Lisa Costantini | May 06, 2014, 12:39 p.m. (ET)

Olympic gymnast Shannon Miller shows off her favorite splurge food, cookie dough.

The only thing more exciting than May being Hamburger Month is the annual celebration on May 6 of No Diet Day. To celebrate this crazy holiday, which started as a way to embrace all body types and being healthy at any size, we asked a dozen U.S. Olympians what foods they love to splurge on. Ironically enough, a couple even mentioned “a juicy burger”!

2014 figure skating bronze medalist Gracie Gold: “My savory splurge food is ricotta gnocchi. And my sweet splurge food is chocolate chunk brownie — served warm with ice cream on top. I don’t eat either very often, mostly an after-competition treat!”

2012 archery silver medalist Jake Kaminski: “Buffalo wings and pizza from Buffalo, N.Y. — the real kind with bones and blue cheese, none of that ranch nonsense. And the pizza with the pepperoni that curls up on the edges and gets crispy. Why? Because I’m from Buffalo and that’s what it’s about.”

Seven-time gymnastics medalist Shannon Miller: “Chocolate chip cookie dough is my go-to splurge. I don’t have a cheat day. I focus on everything in moderation. I’d rather have a spoonful each day than a whole bowl all at once. I love it not only because I am a chocoholic, but it gives me great memories of making homemade cookies with my mother.”

2012 swimming bronze medalist Caitlin Leverenz: "My favorite splurge item is definitely dark chocolate. I don't like milk chocolate at all but dark chocolate is my absolute favorite. Plus there have been some studies that have come out saying that moderate amounts of dark chocolate on a regular basis can help improve heart health! So I can justify eating dark chocolate to help with my health."

2014 luge bronze medalist Erin Hamlin: “I think my biggest splurge item is probably Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. I am a huge chocoholic but because it’s kind of regularly consumed I wouldn’t say it’s a splurge — haha! But Ben & Jerry’s is super dangerous because you start eating a pint with the intention of having a few scoops and all of a sudden it is almost gone, so you might as well finish it up. Chubby Hubby is one of my favorites, along with Half Baked and Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz; the names are half the fun. But on a healthier note, I am a huge fan of the new(ish) Greek yogurt ones. I only let myself devour it probably once a month. Now what I’m thinking about it though I can’t remember the last time I had some — hmmm…”

2012 Olympic rhythmic gymnast Julie Zetlin: “A definite splurge item for me is a big juicy burger. My diet is regimented as an athlete, so all of the calories need to help me perform at my best and I have to eat very clean. So once in a while for a celebratory meal after a competition I’d treat myself to a burger. Yum!”

Two-time ice hockey silver medalist Hilary Knight: “Frozen yogurt (at the end of a really hard week and a hot day). Rainbow sprinkles in a cone. But my real splurge is coffee — I absolutely love chocolate, so mocha is amazing. I probably have it six times a week!”

2012 water polo gold medalist Maggie Steffens: “My all-time favorite splurge item is homemade mud pie. We usually only make it for special events and holidays, but there is truly nothing better. My mom mixes peanut butter into the Oreo cookie crust and then we fill it up with coffee ice cream and add a little peanut butter, chocolate sauce and Cool Whip to top it off. I think it speaks for itself.”

2014 Olympic ice dancer Madison Chock: “Gelato and homemade cookies! Not necessarily together.”

Four-time Olympic triathlete Hunter Kemper: “My favorite splurge item would have to be Oreos, regular or double stuffed. Pulling them apart and eating the icing in the middle and then dipping the cookie part in a glass of milk — nothing better. The only problem with Oreos is that I have NO self-control. None! Once I open a package and eat one, I just can’t stop. My favorite thing to do now is to make Oreo shakes for my kids. Cooking is not my thing, but when it comes to Oreo shakes, I make the best in the world!”

2008 water polo silver medalist Merrill Moses: “In-N-Out double double with grilled onions. The best fast food you can get and you can get it in the drive-thru, but I only eat it once every couple months.”

2008 gymnastics silver medalist Samantha Peszek: “My favorite splurge food is frozen yogurt.”

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