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Meet Team USA's Class Of 2014

By Lisa Costantini | June 18, 2014, 1:50 p.m. (ET)

From class clown to cutest couple, we crown this year’s most memorable athletes...

Most Athletic
Multi-talented athlete Eddy Alvarez — who won silver in short track speedskating in Sochi — just signed with the Chicago White Sox organization. The 24-year-old always wanted to become an Olympian and his other dream was to play pro baseball. Mission accomplished! Runner-up: Lauryn Williams, who went from being a three-time track Olympian (with two medals) to taking bobsled silver in Sochi just six months after her first time on the track.

Most Popular
Bobsledder Johnny Quinn, who earned himself an additional 20,000 Twitter followers almost overnight after smashing his way through a bathroom door in Sochi after finding himself locked in.

Best Dancer
Figure skater Meryl Davis proved she had the skills in Sochi by winning gold and bronze with her ice dancing partner, Charlie White. But then the talented performer once again took home the top spot when she competed on “Dancing with the Stars” weeks after the Closing Ceremony.

Most Likely to Take a Selfie
Sled hockey player Jen Lee, who gained fame at the Paralympic Games for taking selfies with as many athletes as he could. The tradition intensified when he met the Olympic Team in Washington, D.C. a few weeks later. Lee went so far as to take a sled hockey team selfie when he and the boys went on stage to accept their Best Paralympic Team at the Best of U.S. awards.

Class Clown(s)
Bobsledder Steve Langton and skeleton athlete John Daly for their hilarious YouTube videos. Check out their Daly Nitro channel to see for yourself.

Best Attendance
Todd Lodwick has been to the Olympic Winter Games a record-breaking six times — more than any other American. Even though the Nordic combined skier took home sixth place with his four-man team in Sochi, he’ll always have his silver medal from Vancouver.

Most Likely to be a Superhero
Gus Kenworthy won silver in Sochi, but he made just as many headlines off the mountain. The slopestyle skier tweeted about all the stray dogs he was seeing in Russia — and then successfully rescued four of them. Kenworthy brought them back to the U.S. where they were quickly adopted — two of them he kept for himself.

Cutest Couple
Slopestyle skier Gus Kenworthy and the dogs he tried to rescue. If you’ve seen the photos, you know why he wins paws down. Runner-up: Visually impaired alpine skier Danelle and her guide — and husband — Rob Umstead. Danelle says she’s still not sure what Rob looks like — trust us, they’re both cute. Second runner-up: Charlie White and his girlfriend (former ice dancer) Tanith Belbin who got engaged earlier this month.

Most Likely to Become President
Paralympic alpine skier Stephanie Jallen won two bronze medals in Sochi at only 18 years old, but the youngster was already dreaming of ruling the world at only 9.

Best Musician
Shaun White might have failed to medal on the halfpipe this year in Sochi, but he has a love outside of sports: music. The two-time Olympic gold medalist plays bass for the rock band Bad Things. And despite having only played together for a year, the band has quite a fan following.

Most Likely to Appear in a Music Video
When Beyoncé makes mention of your dance moves, it’s hard to award the title to anyone else. Luger Kate Hansen got the attention of the former Destiny’s Child frontwoman — as well as most of the world — when she choose to bust a move as a way to warm up before her event.

Biggest Trendsetter
Slopestyle snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg won the first medal in Sochi — a gold! — but it was his lingo that had everyone talking. The Park City native became famous for throwing out words like “stoked” (which he learned means drunk in Russian) and “spoice” (which Kotsenberg told Conan O’Brien is a synonym for hot chick).

Best Hair
It’s a tie between skeleton athlete Katie Uhlaender’s rocking red hair and cross-country skier Kikkan Randall who has become famous for the streak of pink in hers.

Most Improved
Figure skater Ashley Wagner almost didn’t make it to Sochi. But after being named to the team, despite two falls and fourth place at the U.S. championships, the 23-year-old redeemed herself in Russia bringing home bronze in the team event.

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