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Charlie White: Top 5 Moments Of 2014

By Charlie White, 2014 Olympic Ice Dance Champion | Dec. 31, 2014, 5:43 p.m. (ET)

It’s safe to say that 2014 is going to be a difficult year to top. This past year saw Meryl and I accomplish so many of our longest standing goals, both personally and professionally. We can also safely look back at 2014 as the most exhausting time in our lives, but for all the right reasons. We were here; we were there; we were everywhere, doing a little bit of everything. From our training in Detroit, to the Olympics in Sochi; from taking a knee near the waterfalls of Hawaii, to dancing in the ballroom in Los Angeles, we have racked up some major memories, as well as some pretty major frequent flyer miles.

In an attempt to find some originality while covering our top moments, I will present them in list form! (And that, ladies and gentleman, is my final joke of 2014.)

5. Winning the U.S. Figure Skating Championships

Winning the U.S. Figure Skating Championships in January and becoming the first-ever American ice dance team to win six consecutive titles in a row. This is a very special record for us to hold, as one of the things we are most proud of is our consistency at the highest level. This top moment allows me the opportunity to thank everyone at U.S. Figure Skating and the United States Olympic Committee for giving us the support we needed to make that consistency possible.

4. Winning the team event bronze medal at the Olympics

Winning the team event bronze medal at the Olympics. This special Olympic moment I will cherish for how it brought the amazingly talented individuals of the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team together as a family to fight for the same goal. The fact that we got to walk away from that event with a tangible reminder of what we accomplished will keep us connected for the rest of our lives.

3. Winning the gold medal at the Olympics

Winning the gold medal at the Olympics. It’s hard for me to find the words that are even appropriate for this achievement. It is simply a lifelong dream come true; the result of dedication, resolve, respect and passion, from both Meryl and myself, and from our families and coaches. We now look forward to the rest of our lives as Olympic gold medalists. We hope to stand tall as role models and ambassadors of our sport, our country and the Olympic Movement.

2. Joining "Dancing with the Stars"

Joining “Dancing with the Stars.” First and foremost, learning how to dance from some of the best ballroom dancers in the world was an absolute treat! The fact that it was tied into one of the most popular TV shows in America just made it that much more of an experience. If there was one way to follow up such a successful run at the Olympics without feeling a crazy emotional drop-off, it was by joining “Dancing with the Stars.” What a wonderful time, and I’m grateful for every exhausting second.

1. Getting engaged to Tanith Belbin!

Getting engaged to Tanith Belbin! At the end of a very successful year I can truly say that my favorite thing about 2014 was not the accolades, medals or amazing opportunities, but rather being able to enjoy every special moment with the person I love the most. Simply put, asking Tanith to marry me was the best and easiest decision I’ve ever made. Her beauty and grace, her sense of humor, her patience, her thoughtfulness, and her positive outlook on life are a source of constant inspiration for myself and everyone else that has the pleasure of knowing her. We head into 2015 together with clear eyes and full hearts.

Here’s to a wonderful 2014, and a great new year. I hope you realize your dreams through hard work and dedication, but more importantly, always remember it is the relationships in your life that will make every single day special.

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