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College Football Pick'em: Oklahoma State-Oklahoma

By Jamie MacDonald | Dec. 05, 2014, 4 p.m. (ET)

Each week throughout the college football season, we have taken a closer look at a marquee college football matchup through the eyes of Team USA athletes, and, with the season drawing to a close, we feature a classic intra-state rivalry: Bedlam. Oklahoma State will travel to Norman, Oklahoma, where the Sooners will host the Cowboys. We asked a proud alum from each school — Jonathan Horton (Oklahoma) and Coleman Scott (Oklahoma State) — about the rivalry and who they like in Saturday's game.

Rowdy Gaines

Jonathan Horton
Sport: Gymnastics
College: University of Oklahoma
Graduation Year: 2009

What is the game day atmosphere like at Oklahoma?

Game day is crazy! I'm sure everyone who goes to a big-time football school would say the same — but, obviously, I am biased toward OU and I think our game day is the BEST!

What does this rivalry mean to alums?

OU vs. OSU is huge for both schools. There is a rich history between the two schools and the rivalry is fierce. We call this rivalry "Bedlam" because there is so much tension, and the game never fails to entertain. I can’t wait for the game and I know all OU alums will be cheering loudly.

What is your favorite college football memory?

My favorite memory of college football is from my freshman year of college. The athletic dorms that I stayed in are literally across the street from the stadium so I would wake up and walk three steps to the game. All of the tailgating would go on around us, and it was literally impossible to not have a good time.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

All tailgate food seems to taste awesome, but you can’t go wrong with some awesome chips and queso.

Best tailgate memory?

I don’t have one specific favorite tailgating memory, but I love every game and getting to hang out with all of the alumni that come in to town for games. The gymnastics team alumni always set up a tent somewhere, and we just hang out and talk about old times.

Final score prediction?

OU 28, OSU 7

Why do you think Oklahoma will win?

I think OU will win because we are fighters. The game will be tense, but we will come out of the gate strong at the beginning of the game and our defense will shut down the Cowboys.

Jonathan Horton

Coleman Scott
Sport: Wrestling
College: Oklahoma State University
Graduation Year: 2008

What does this rivalry mean to alums?

Pretty much everything. It's very, very cool to see. There were no pro teams in the whole state when I first went to school there, so it was either you root for OU or you root for OSU. It was very cool that the whole state pretty much stopped to watch Bedlam football.

What is your favorite college football memory?

Just a couple years after I graduated, we beat OU, and we needed to win that game to win the Big 12 title. We ended up beating them and opening it up toward the end, and the students rushed the field. I was up in my office, which overlooked the field when I was living in Stillwater, and we saw it all from down on the ground — my wife and I, her brother, his wife and a couple buddies. We love football and we love Oklahoma State. It's not just me, it's the whole place. What a sight to see.

What is your favorite tailgate food?

Probably smoked beef tenderloin. My buddy does it as his specialty, and it's very, very good.

Best tailgate memory?

I didn't tailgate too much (in school). Post-college, I did. I think the best tailgating goes back to the whole town and the influx of 100,000 people. That's just a cool thing to see. Whether we were winning or losing, they were always there.

Final score prediction?

It's Bedlam, so you never know. Of course, I think Oklahoma State's going to win — I always do. I would say 28-21, Oklahoma State.

Why do you think that team will win?

Loyal and true, as they say. I went to school there. I was a transplant from the state of Pennsylvania, but my wife's a graduate, I'm a graduate. I love the place, I have a lot of great friends there, and that's where I started my family. I couldn't ask more from a university and what they've given me. I have strong ties to Stillwater. It doesn't matter, I'll always say Oklahoma State's going to win.

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