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Partnership for Clean Competition Awards First Anti-Doping Research Grant

May 27, 2009, 12:58 p.m. (ET)

(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) - The Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) announced today the awarding of its first anti-doping research grant since the research collaborative was formed in 2008. The recipient of the $500,000 grant is J. Thomas Brenna, Ph.D., of Cornell University for his grant proposal titled, "Characterization of the Human Urinary Steroidome for Anti-Doping Applications."

The PCC is an innovative research collaborative founded by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Football League (NFL). The mission of the PCC is to ensure integrity in sport by supporting anti-doping research, thereby ensuring the benefits of sports across all levels of participation.

The Brenna research aims to define the whole steroid profile in urine using comprehensive two dimensional gas chromatography/time of flight mass spectrometry.  This should allow detection of synthetic anabolic steroids, including designer steroids. Brenna also plans to extend the steroid separation approach to carbon isotope ratio (CIR) testing which can determine whether a steroid is natural or synthetic.

"In selecting Dr. Brenna as our first grant recipient, the PCC and this country's major sports organizations have collectively taken a major step forward in supporting high-level anti-doping research," USOC Acting Chief Executive Officer and PCC Board of Governors Chairperson Stephanie Streeter said. "Brenna's research project has the potential for increasing the sample throughput and detection limits, which would benefit all sports entities and improve upon existing testing techniques. We are impressed by Brenna's research and look forward to his findings and recommendations over the next several years."

"We are honored the PCC has selected our laboratory as its first grant recipient," Brenna said. "Our research group looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the important efforts of the PCC to maintain the integrity of sports."

The PCC is now accepting applications for its next round of grant funding. Pre-applications are due by July 1, 2009. Selected applicants will then be asked to fill out a full application by August 1, 2009. The PCC will conduct three grant application rounds annually.

Applications are reviewed by the PCC's Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), which consists of internationally-recognized experts and is chaired by USADA Chief Science Officer Larry Bowers, Ph.D. The Board of Governors, consisting of representatives from the USOC, USADA, MLB and NFL, considers the SAB recommendations and makes the final determination on grant winners.

The PCC will support research that has a high likelihood of resulting in methods or products that will advance the anti-doping field and ensure integrity in sport. Brenna's research should advance current testing methods by enabling a broader analysis of urinary steroids.

"The approach proposed by Brenna shifts targeted identification requirements to a non-targeted analysis of all urinary steroid," Bowers said. "The technique hopefully will enable the detection of previously uncharacterized or unknown designer steroids in urine. In addition, this technique has the potential to broaden CIR testing."

To apply for PCC funding, please visit the PCC website at http://www.cleancompetition.org/.

Also supporting the PCC are the National Basketball Association, National Hockey League and PGA TOUR.