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Terra wins broadcasting rights in Latin America

Oct. 23, 2008, 11:44 a.m. (ET)

LAUSANNE, Switzerland(AP) Internet company Terra was awarded the Web and mobile rights throughout Latin America for the 2010 Vancouver and the 2012 London Olympic Games on Thursday.

The International Olympic Committee said Terra was selected after its successful performance during the 2008 Beijing Games.

“Terra's proven capacity to guarantee full exploitation of the broadcast rights over digital platforms, including live and on-demand broadcast over the Internet and delayed clips to mobile phones, will mean sports fans across Latin America will be able to access fantastic footage of both Vancouver 2010 and London 2012 Olympic Games as and when they want,” IOC executive board member Richard Carrion said.

The agreement excludes Brazil, the IOC said.

Terra, owned by Spain's Telefonica, is Latin America's largest Internet company with a presence in 17 Latin American countries and the United States.