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WATER SKIING: U.S. Team Wins Gold Medal At World University Water Ski Championships

Oct. 06, 2008, 11:20 a.m. (ET)

The U.S. World University Water Ski Team won the gold medal and five U.S. team members combined to win 10 individual medals at the second FISU World University Water Ski Championships, Oct. 1-4, at the Vanke Dongli Lake International Water Sports Park in Tianjin, China.

"The talent and dedication of the U.S. Team led to impressive results," said Steve Locke, USA Water Ski's executive director. "Congratulations to all the athletes who competed in this year's World University Water Ski Championships. We are thrilled that the U.S. team brought home the gold!"

The United States finished with 8,572.13 points in winning the gold medal for the second consecutive time. The Czech Republic earned the silver medal with 7,871.26 points and France earned
the bronze medal with 6,506.66 points.

The U.S. team consisted of Cale Burdick (Coatesville, Ill.), Regina Jaquess (Suwanee, Ga.), Alex Lauretano (Winter Garden, Fla.), Ryan Selsor (Sacramento, Calif.), Storm Selsor (Fremont,
Calif.) and Tomlin Wilson (Minden, La.). Jeff Surdej (Wilmington, Ill.) and Cris Kodiak (Wilmington, Ill.) served as coach and manager, respectively.

Jaquess won gold medals in women's slalom (2-1/2 buoys at 38 feet off), jumping (161 feet) and overall (3,000.00 points); Lauretano won the gold medal in women's tricks (6,890 points) and silver
medals in jumping (151 feet) and overall (2,677.95 points); Burdick won the gold medal in men's slalom (3 buoys at 39-1/2 feet off); Storm Selsor earned silver medals in men's jumping (197 feet) and overall
(2,579.67 points); and Wilson earned the silver medal in men's tricks (8,800 points).

For complete tournament results, visit www.USAWATERSKI.org.

The National Collegiate Water Ski Association selected the six-member U.S. team following the U.S. World University Water Ski Team Trials, held May 16 in DuQuoin, Ill.

USA Water Ski was formed in 1939 as a non-profit organization promoting water skiing in the United States. USA Water Ski is affiliated with the International Water Ski Federation (world governing body) and is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee and Pan-American Sports Organization as the national governing body of organized water skiing in the United States. With more than 20,000 members, USA Water Ski is the largest water ski federation in the world.