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DIVING: Thirty-six divers qualified for July 2-6 Olympic Team selection camp

June 27, 2008, 3:48 p.m. (ET)

INDIANAPOLIS - Thirty-six divers have qualified to participate in USA Diving's Olympic team selection camp, set for July 2-6 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The first four divers nominated to the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team were determined at the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in Indianapolis last week, where Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif.) and Christina Loukas (Riverwoods, Ill.) won the 3-meter springboard contests and David Boudia (Noblesville, Ind.) and Laura Wilkinson (Spring, Texas) placed first on platform to secure their nominations to the team. All four will participate in the camp, with three of them in the hunt for spots on additional events.

The second individual spot on each event as well as all four synchronized teams will be determined at the selection camp in Knoxville. Divers and synchro teams will perform four lists of dives throughout the camp and will be evaluated on a number of factors, not simply a final score.

Divers qualified for the camp based on performances at the Trials (individual events) or at past national championships (synchro events).

USA Diving will announce the final roster at noon on July 7.

The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing from August 8-24. Competition will be conducted in four events for both men and women: 3-meter, 10-meter, synchronized 3-meter, and synchronized 10-meter. The U.S. may enter two divers on each individual event and one team per synchronized event.

Divers invited to the selection camp:

Men: Diver (Hometown) Events

David Boudia (Noblesville, Ind.) / 3MS, 10M, 10MS (w/ Finchum)*
Andrew Brown (Centennial, Colo.) / 10MS (w/Young)
Chris Colwill (Brandon, Fla.) / 3M, 3MS (w/Tarantino)
Matthew Cooper (Bethesda, Md.) / 10M
Troy Dumais (Ventura, Calif.) /3M*
Thomas Finchum (Indianapolis, Ind.) / 3MS, 10M, 10MS (w/Boudia)
Kristian Ipsen (Clayton, Calif.) / 3M
JJ Kinzbach (Montgomery, Texas) / 10M, 10MS (w/Mazzaferro)
Drew Livingston (The Woodlands, Texas) /10M
Daniel Mazzaferro (Cheshire, Conn.) /10MS (w/Kinzbach)
Nick McCrory (Chapel Hill, N.C.) / 10M
Sean Moore (Englewood, Colo.) / 10MS (w/Wieser)
Burkley Showe (Columbus, Ohio) / 3M, 3MS (w/Wilcock)
Jevon Tarantino (Boca Raton, Fla.) / 3M, 3MS (w/Colwill)
Wes Wieser (Chesterfield, Mo.) / 10MS (w/Moore)
Justin Wilcock (Smithfield, Utah) /3M, 3MS (w/ Showe)
Cole Young (Overland Park, Kan.) / 10MS (w/Brown)

Women: Kaylea Arnett (Spring, Texas) / 10MS (w/Cabassol)
Heather Bounds-Isle (Round Rock, Texas) / 10MS (w/Cardinell)
Allison Brennan (Huntington Beach, Calif.) / 3M
Kelci Bryant (Chatham, Ill.) /3M, 3MS (w/Rittenhouse)
Michelle Cabassol (Montgomery, Texas) / 10MS (w/Arnett)
Cassandra Cardinell (Loudonville, N.Y.) / 10M, 10MS (w/Bounds-Isle)
Mary Beth Dunnichay (Elwood, Ind.) / 10M, 10MS (w/ H. Ishimatsu)Nancilea Foster (Spring, Texas) / 3M, 3MS (w/Krug)
Haley Ishimatsu (Seal Beach, Calif.) /10M, 10MS (w/Dunnichay)
Victoria Ishimatsu (Seal Beach, Calif.) /3M
Abby Johnston (Columbus, Ohio) / 3MS (w/Yarrison)
Cassidy Krug (Pittsburgh, Pa.) / 3M, 3MS (w/Foster)
Jessica Livingston (The Woodlands, Texas) / 10M, 10MS (w/Wilkinson)
Christina Loukas (Riverwoods, Ill.)/ 3M, 3MS (w/Miller)*
Amanda Miller (Centreville, Va.) / 3MS (w/Loukas)
Ariel Rittenhouse (Santa Cruz, Calif.) / 3M, 3MS (w/Bryant)
Brittany Viola (Orlando, Fla.) / 10M
Laura Wilkinson (Spring, Texas) / 10M, 10MS (w/Livingston)*
Mary Yarrison (Springfield, Va.)/ 3MS (w/Johnston)

* Denotes diver has already been nominated to the team after winning an individual event at the Trials. Those four divers will still be required to participate in the camp to demonstrate competitive readiness.

Camp Schedule

July 2

7-8:30 p.m. - Men's and Women's 10 meter synchronized - 3 lists

July 3

12-1 p.m. - Men's 3 meter - 2 lists

2-3 p.m. - Women's 3 meter - 2 lists

7-8:30 p.m. - Men's and women's 3 meter synchronized - 2 lists

Friday, July 4

12-1 p.m. Men's 10 meter - 2 lists

2-3 p.m. - Women's 10 meter - 2 lists

7-8 p.m. - Men's and women's 10 meter synchronized - 1 list

Saturday, July 5

12-1 p.m. - Men's 3 meter - 2 lists

2-3 p.m. - Women's 3 meter - 2 lists

7-8:30 p.m. - Men's and women's 3 meter

synchronized - 2 lists

Sunday, July 6

12-1 p.m. - Men's 10 meter - 2 lists

2-2:45 p.m. - Women's 10 meter - 2 lists

Monday, July 7
12 p.m. - Team announced