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Statement from Chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016 Pat Ryan and U.S. Olympic Committee Vice President International Bob Ctvrtlik in response to U.S. Senate ratification of the UNESCO Treaty.

July 22, 2008, 6:29 p.m. (ET)

"We are pleased the U.S. Senate recognizes the importance of UNESCO's anti-doping treaty and shares in this common goal to support the integrity and spirit of the Olympic Games," said Patrick G. Ryan, Chairman and CEO of Chicago 2016. "As a bid we are committed to clean competition and applaud the efforts of the U.S. Senate, in particular our own Illinois Senator Richard Durbin."

 ---Pat Ryan 


"We express our appreciation to the United States Senate for ratifying what is formally known as the International Convention Against Doping In Sport.  In so doing the United States joins more than eighty other nations in affirming that doping in sport is an unacceptable practice that cannot be tolerated. 

"The timing of this Senate action, taken less than three weeks before the start of the 2008 Olympic Games, affirms that the principles of clean and fair competition, which are embraced by the United States Olympic Committee and our Olympic and Paralympic athletes are at the heart of an important policy goal of the United States Government.

"Particular recognition is given to the President who endorsed and submitted this treaty to the Senate along with a message urging its speedy ratification, and to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Joseph Biden and Ranking Member Richard Lugar for their commitment to addressing the issues contained in the treaty, and for their able stewardship of the review process that led to its ultimate unanimous ratification by the Senate. "

--Bob Cvrtlik