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Andrea Nott Blog - Circus School

July 01, 2008, 2:22 p.m. (ET)

 Here's a pic (courtesy of Andrea Nott) of us at circus school. I'm one of the people being stood on!

Circus School

We're leaving today for New York to do an exhibition at National Age Groups, so at our practice yesterday we had to decide exactly what we wanted to show, what to keep as a surprise until the Olympics, or what was best for our injured teammates. 

As a team our goal has been to always train outside of our comfort zone and do nothing in vain because we want to move up the ranks and win an Olympic medal so badly. In San Francisco there's a circus center that has been helping us out with our lifts and throws. There's an article about our circus training in The San Francisco Chronicle that you can find at the following link: 

But in pushing our limits we've had to learn to cope with some injuries. In those or these situations, Meghan, our alternate, has been the epitome of a team player. She can swim every position on the team, and I know exactly how difficult and frustrating that can sometimes be because I was the alternate in 2004. She does it all without one complaint though, because I can tell she swims for the love of the game and loves be a part of the team. Actually, it inspires me to see her eagerness.


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