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Phelps book signing draws long line of fans

Dec. 09, 2008, 5:07 p.m. (ET)

NEW YORK(AP) The first fan arrived not long after midnight, 12 hours before Michael Phelps would be signing copies of his new book.

By the time the record-setting swimmer arrived on Tuesday, the line outside the bookstore in midtown Manhattan snaked around the corner and down the long block.

Girls squealed and giggled as they reached the table where Phelps sat. Those farther back craned their necks around shelves to catch a glimpse.

Phelps signed copies of “No Limits: The Will to Succeed” for nearly two hours. The book, released on Tuesday, chronicles his journey to winning eight gold medals at the Beijing Olympics.

“I didn't know what to expect,” Phelps told The Associated Press after his session at Barnes & Noble. “They said the line was wrapping around the building this morning, and then I got here and it was.

“It was pretty cool. It was interesting to see how excited everybody was. (The book is) out, so hopefully we'll get some good feedback from it.”

When it was over, Phelps took a deep breath and made a show of stretching his neck and arms. Asked how his hand was doing, he laughed and said, “Oh, it's fine.”