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Jones, Victor Win Hartford Slalom

Dec. 09, 2008, 5:57 p.m. (ET)

COPPER MOUNTAIN, CO (Dec. 9) - The U.S. Adaptive Ski Team's Allison Jones (standing; Colorado Springs, CO) and Stephani Victor (sit-ski; Park City, UT) laid it on the line for the first competition of the season to win at the 21st annual The Hartford Ski Spectacular at Copper Mountain against an international field.

Men and women from around the globe competed in the slalom event, which was held on a snowy day at Copper Mountain.

Jones led the standing women's division, but was thrilled to be in good company on the podium.

"I came back from a really bad first run, so on the second I just had to tell myself to do it. I know how to race the hill and it worked out for my benefit and put me on top. It was all about just going out and laying it all on the line," Jones said. "Luckily my teammate Elitsa Storey [standing; Ketchum, ID] had a really good run as well and ended up second. It's really cool to be on the podium with a teammate."

In the sitting women's field, Victor landed in first in her first race back since an injury kept her from competition in 2008.

"I'm pleased that I finished first. The first run was really great, I had a great feeling of what I like having in slalom," Victor said. "The second run was off to a good start and visibility was really tough and I made a mistake and it cost me a lot of time. But, I was able to ski the bottom part clean and make up some of the time I lost up there. So, all's well that ends well."

Teammate Laurie Stephens (sit ski; Wenham, MA) finished second to Victor, and Canada's Chantal Fowler was third.

Caitie Sarubbi (visually impaired; Brooklyn, NY) was second in the visually impaired division behind Danelle Umstead (visually impaired; Park City, UT).

In the men's standing division, New Zealand's Adam Hall won, while U.S. athletes Monte Meier (standing; Park City, UT) was second and Brad Washburn (Highland Ranch, CO) was third.

"I feel pretty good about today. First run didn't quite go the way I wanted it to. It was pretty back and forth and I had a tough time getting on and off my edge. I didn't have that quickness I was looking for," Meier said. "Second run I put the hammer down and gave it everything I had. It was a fun run."

Carl Burnett (sit-ski; Winter Park, CO) led the way for U.S men in the sitting division, placing third behind winner Josh Dueck of Canada and Sean Rose of Great Britain in second.

"Overall it was a really good day and a good way to start the season off with a podium," Burnett said. "It wasn't the top spot, but I'll take it. On the second run, I think the course suited me better because I was able to let it rip a little more. "

The Hartford Ski Spectacular continues Tuesday with a giant slalom.

2009 Hartford Ski Spectacular
Copper Mountain, CO - Dec. 8, 2008

Men's standing
1. Adam Hall, New Zealand, 1:34.94
2. Monte Meier, Park City, UT, 1:38.40
3. Brad Washburn, Highland Ranch, CO, 1:40.06
4. Ralph Green, Vail, CO, 1:46.43
5. George Sansonetis, Fraser, CO, 1:49.05
7. Ian Jansing, St. Louis, MO, 1:53.37
10. John Whitney, Towson, MD, 2:04.45

Men's sit-ski
1. Josh Dueck, Canada, 1:36.88
2. Sean Rose, Great Britain, 1:40.18
3. Carl Burnett, Winter Park, CO, 1:42.02
4. Tyler Walker, Franconia, NH, 1:42.69
5. Gerald Hayden, Merced, CA, 1:45.90
6. Erik Bayindirli, Deer Mountain, UT, 1:51.96
7. John Knudsen, American Canyon, CA, 1:52.80

Men's visually impaired
1. Mark Bathum, Seattle, WA, 1:50.06

Women's standing
1. Allison Jones, Colorado Springs, CO, 1:53.67
2. Elitsa Storey, Ketchum, ID, 1:58.39
3. Karolina Wisniewska, Canada, 1:59.28
4. Andrea Dziewior, Canada, 1:59.46
5. Arly Fogarty, Canada, 2:00.32

Women's sit-ski
1. Stephani Victor, Park City, UT, 2:04.81
2. Laurie Stephens, Wenham, MA, 2:05.81
3. Chantal Fowler, Canada, 2:20.74
4. Jane Sowerby, Great Britain, 2:27.89
5. Alana Nichole, Winter Park, CO, 2:30.77

Women's visually impaired
1. Danelle Umstead, Park City, UT, 2:12.71
2. Caitie Sarubbi, Brooklyn, NY, 2:24.22