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Aug. 10, 2008, 11:28 a.m. (ET)

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Michael Phelps swims in the 400-meter freestyle relay, one of 13 gold medals at stake across the Olympics.


BEIJING - One down, seven to go for Michael Phelps. And of all the races, this seemed to be the most serious challenge to his quest to break Mark Spitz's record. Then again, Ryan Lochte was supposed to take a run at Phelps' gold, and he was left swimming in his wake. By National Writer Paul Newberry. Phelps' final, the 400-meter freestyle relay, starts 11:23 p.m. EDT Sunday.

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Other swim medals: women's 100 butterfly, 10:21 p.m.; men's 100 breast, 10:27 p.m.; women's 400 free, 11:14 p.m.

DAY 2:



BEIJING - With its NBA star power on full display, the U.S. Olympic basketball team plays its opening game before President Bush and perhaps a billion more viewers. It faces Yao Ming before a roaring Chinese crowd in what figures to be one of the most widely viewed sports events in history. By Basketball Writer Brian Mahoney. Game started 10:15 a.m. EDT Sunday.

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BEIJING - Michael Phelps isn't just living up to his ridiculously high expectations. He's exceeding them. He commands center stage until the Chinese men go after Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and the U.S. basketball team. But the buzz from the pool and basketball court is tempered by the stabbing of the U.S. men's volleyball coach's in-laws. By Jaime Aron. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Columnist Tim Dahlberg writes from the U.S.-China basketball game. By Sports Columnist Tim Dahlberg.

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BEIJING - The players huddled, had a moment of silence, and then went to work, on a mission for their absent, grieving coach and his shattered family. As Hugh McCutcheon coped with a savage attack on his in-laws, his U.S. volleyball team won in their honor. By National Writer David Crary.

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BEIJING - On a dismal first day of Olympic tennis, Ana Ivanovic produces the big surprise - and she didn't even play. The top-seeded Ivanovic withdraws because of a thumb injury. Only nine of 45 matches finish on a rainy day. James Blake wins, Serena Williams is interrupted and Roger Federer never gets on court. By Steven Wine.

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BEIJING - Police tighten security and resume investigating the fatal stabbing of the father of a former Olympian, an attack that stuns the sports community and embarrasses Chinese authorities determined to hold the most successful Summer Games in history. By Beth Duff-Brown.

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BEIJING - President Bush presses his Olympic hosts to permit greater political and religious freedom, warning Chinese leaders they can expect to hear similar blunt talk from his successor. By Mark S. Smith.

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BEIJING - The IOC bars Greek sprinter Katerina Thanou from the Beijing Games, saying her role in a drug-testing cover-up four years ago in Athens was a "scandalous saga" that brought the Olympic movement into disrepute. By Stephen Wade. MOVED.


- BEIJING - OLY--TEN--Withdrawal. MOVED.

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BEIJING - The U.S. men's gymnastics team came to the Olympics looking for a way to replace gold medalist Paul Hamm. The best bet was his twin Morgan. Then he got hurt. Now there are no more Hamms to choose from. A U.S. medal would've been tough with both Hamms healthy. Without either of them? The Americans will soon find out. By Jaime Aron.

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- BEIJING - OLY--Olympic Notebook.



BEIJING - Call it the Beijing burden. In a country that puts a massive premium on gold medals, the added pressure of competing in their own Olympics is proving too much for some Chinese. The early jitters could puncture a hole in its hopes of finishing ahead of the United States on top of the medal table. By John Leicester.



BEIJING - China has swept the streets of Beijing clean of bootleg DVDs. But if you know how and where to ask, all the illegal stuff is still there - or will be back right after the Olympics ends. By Tim Sullivan.

AP Multimedia. MOVED.



BEIJING - Lured by the bright lights, open-air dining room and seemingly content customers, two Westerners wandered into a Ghost Street restaurant, hoping to get their first real taste of authentic Chinese food. Instead they got a crash course, and a slimy one at that. By John Marshall. MOVED.



BEIJING - Samantha Peszek's ankle popped and the gym fell silent, tears filling the gymnasts' eyes. The U.S. gymnastics team was already short-handed because of Chellsie Memmel's ankle injury. Now this group, bonded by struggle and success, will be tested like never before. By National Writer Nancy Armour.

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BEIJING - Sure, the world titles are nice, as are all those compliments from the competition. And there's no denying it's a rush to be treated like gymnastics' equivalent of rock stars. What the Chinese men really want, though, is Olympic gold. By National Writer Nancy Armour. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Winning Olympic medals never gets old for Dara Torres. The self-described "old lady" of the U.S. team anchors the American women to a silver medal in the 400-meter freestyle relay at age 41, earning her 10th career Olympic medal and first since 2000. By Beth Harris. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Guo Jingjing and Wu Minxia of China win the first diving gold medal of the Beijing Games, putting the host country on a path toward a possible sweep of the eight medals. By Beth Harris. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Kerri Walsh and Misty May-Treanor didn't need any time at all to get used to the Olympics. The defending beach volleyball gold medalists easily won their opener against a Japanese team. By Jimmy Golen. MOVED.

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DALIAN, China - Medal or no medal, Christian Smith will always have a reminder of his journey to Beijing - a skinned shoulder from the Olympic trials. He wound up bloody and bruised, unable to practice for a week. He also earned the third and final spot in the Olympic men's 800. By National Writer Eddie Pells. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Terrence Trammell has heard all the fuss about Liu Xiang and Dayron Robles, their world-record times in the men's 110-meter hurdles and their standings as the favorites to win a gold medal. The two-time silver medalist is fine with everyone looking the other way. By Aaron Beard. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Kara Lawson appears to be the answer the US women's team has been trying to find since Dawn Staley retired four years ago after the 2004 Olympics. The team has been on a national search trying to find a backup point guard with the ability to lead and the temperament to follow when needed. Lawson fits the bill and could be a vital link to the team's success. By Doug Feinberg. MOVED.

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- Three men's games: Spain-Greece, Lithuania-Argentina, Australia-Croatia. MOVED.



BEIJING - Somoa's Farani Tavui staggered around the ring before falling flat on his back with arms spread. After 18 months of sweeping reforms, the last thing amateur boxing needed on its Olympic opener was a reminder of the sport's dangers in the form of an unconscious fighter strapped to a stretcher. By Greg Beacham. MOVED.

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- OLY--BOX-Boxer Injured. MOVED.



BEIJING - Doomed by a downpour at the Great Wall, the U.S. women cyclists saw their medal hopes in the road race slip away on a course offering as much traction in some areas as a skating rink. This is the sixth straight Olympics they came up short. By Tim Reynolds. MOVED.

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TIANJIN, China - The United States ties the Netherlands 2-2, with Gerald Sibon scoring in overtime for the Dutch. The Americans are tied for the Group B lead with Nigeria with four points each, two better than the Netherlands. By Brian Trusdell. MOVED.

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Seven other men's games: Argentina-Australia, Ivory Coast-Serbia, Nigeria-Japan, New Zealand-Brazil, China-Belgium, Cameroon-Honduras, South Korea-Italy.

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BEIJING - She's been fired by Donald Trump and dined at the White House. Jennie Finch could as easily walk down a runway as whip a windmill pitch past a batter. Finch is everyone's dream. Don't be fooled, though. There's a view of Finch no opponent wants to see - 43 feet away clutching a softball. By Tom Withers. MOVED.

AP Photos.



BEIJING - The International Weightlifting Federation has accused U.S. weightlifting officials of misleading the public in the case of Casey Burgener, an American super heavyweight who was left off the Olympic team. By Karl Ritter. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Countless athletes talk of taking care of business at the Olympics. Greco-Roman wrestler T.C. Dantzler really does. He spends several hours online each day in Beijing running a software business with 29 employees that may go public in a few years. By Alan Robinson. MOVED.



BEIJING - Natalia Partyka is 19 years old and was born with a right arm that ends just below the elbow. She is part of the Polish team at the Beijing Games, and the first table tennis player to compete in both the Olympics and the Paralympics. By Anita Chang. MOVED.

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BEIJING - Hungary's bid for a third consecutive gold medal in men's water polo gets off to a shaky start - a 10-10 tie with Montenegro. The United States defeats China 8-4. By Mark Long. MOVED.

AP Photos.



QINGDAO, China - Zach Railey of the United States unexpectedly finds himself in first place overall in Finn class sailing. He is just ahead of British sailing star and undisputed favorite Ben Ainslie, a triple Olympic medalist. By Doug Mellgren. MOVED.

AP Photos.


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