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Deedee Trotter Blog - Training Camp USA!!!

Aug. 09, 2008, 4:20 p.m. (ET)

Training Camp USA!!!   Okay life was a little ruff for the firs few days of my arrival to the USA Olympic Training Camp in Dalian China. Unfortunately my luggage arrived five days after I did! Thank goodness my roommate Hazel Clark and I were about the same size in everything and she was kind enough to let me borrow some of her clothes and shoes so I had to tough it out for several days. In spite of that little bit of drama, I have been having a great time!  

The adventure started the moment we landed in Dalian. We took a heavily orcastrated police escort on a forty-five min caravan drive to our hotel and resort. It is really beautiful here! They have some of most amazing landscaping and some of the most awesome amenities I have ever seen! For starter we have an extremely plush 60 person movie theatre, an amazing indoor pool, sauna and spa, our own personal training room and activity room, and saving the best for last, and eighteen lane bowling alley! On top of that we even have our own personal chief and restaurant cooking us up some pretty tasty food! The only complaint that has been pretty much the consensus of the entire USA Olympic Team are the BEDS!!!!! Here is how I would describe our beds. Imagine a standard twin size bed with an extra soft and comfortable pillow top mattress, can you see it? Now take that mattress off and replace it with a twin size red brick and then have the nerve to put a sheet on top of that like that's going to make a difference! I'm not sure my back bones are ever going to be the same.  

On a lighter note Hazel, Coach Clark, Abe (my medical trainer from Tennessee) and myself have been having a great time! We ventured around the hotel villa and can you believe it, Hazel and I only got into one argument and fight, and for those who don't know the two of us that's like a record! Abe and I have gone to the movies a few times but I think the movie watched more of us than we did of the movies, because we were so tired trying to adjust to the twelve hour time difference. In addition to all of that the people here in Dalian are really friendly and nice! They have gone above and beyond to help all the athletes in any way they can, which makes our stay here most comfortable!  

As for practice and training the high heat and humidity almost took us out one morning at practice, it was so hot and humid we almost didn't make it through our workouts but we both toughed it out were able to pulled it together by dinner. Nothing can hold back two crazy ladies! There are only a few more days left here in Dalian before we all head over to the Olympic Village in Beijing so until then it is safe to assume that everything here in Dalian China Training Camp USA is all good!  

Having lots of fun,  
Deedee Trotter
A.K.A D-Trott


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