Aug. 16, 2014

"Ni hao” from China!

After long days of travel, Team USA is beginning to arrive in Nanjing! The Youth Olympic Village is beginning to buzz with excitement while all countries begin to arrive one by one. It’s awesome to see everyone wear their respective country’s gear and begin to intermingle around the village and in the dining hall.

As Team USA arrives, the athletes are being greeted by enthusiastic volunteers and our awesome USOC staff. Despite quite a bit of jet lag after 30-ish hours of travel, everyone’s spirits are high. Teams have been heading off to their trainings, getting accustomed to village life and working off the jet lag.

In the next few days more and more of the Culture & Education Programs are going to open, and the athletes will begin participating in some of the activities when they have some down time in their training schedules. Friday night all 104 Young Ambassadors (including myself) welcomed all the athletes during a “Let’s Get Together” event that brought together all the athletes and delegations in a pre-Opening Ceremony celebration. We performed a traditional Chinese dragon performance, with the guys manning the dragons and the girls playing the Chinese drums on stage. Despite our lack of rhythm, it went off decently well!

The athletes are all out training this morning, and the Opening Ceremony is tonight! Congratulations to Kendall Yount, a taekwondo athlete, who has been voted by her peers to be the flag bearer tonight for Team USA! We know she’s going to do a great job and represent Team USA well!

Stay tuned for another update from us here in Nanjing! 

All my best,