Aug. 17, 2014

Ni hao!

After a spectacular Opening Ceremony, the first day of competition was underway! Team USA had athletes competing in fencing, swimming, triathlon, gymnastics, rugby, beach volleyball, rowing, judo, tennis and table tennis, so needless to say it was a busy day for us all!

Right from the get-go our athletes showed that we are ready to go — and Team USA collected three medals on the first day of competition. Stephanie Jenks, who was celebrating her 17th birthday, won silver in women’s triathlon, foil fencer Sabrina Massialas won gold and Meghan Small earned a bronze in the 200-meter individual medley. The girls were wearing well deserved smiles when they came by our offices and showed us their new hardware.

Both men’s and women’s rugby pools are underway, competing in multiple games over the next few days. As they walk around the village it’s easy to see just how much they’re putting into each and every second of their games. We’re all wishing them the best of luck in the upcoming days!

When they’re not competing or resting, we’re keeping the athletes busy with all the awesome Culture and Education Program (CEP) activities around the village. So far Healthy Cooking seems to be one of the biggest hits, where athletes learn to make frozen yogurt, lamb kabobs, Chinese dumplings and many other healthy dishes. They’ll all be pros in the kitchen by the time they get back to the U.S.!

Now that competition’s started, we wish the best of luck to all our YOG athletes. Our staff here is running around trying to see the matches we can, and it’s so great to see Team USA athletes out there supporting each other at the events. We really are a team here, through and through.

Stay tuned for more!